Birgit Dulski MSc

Senior Researcher
Birgit Dulski
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship
"Tradition is not about preserving the ashes, but about passing on the fire" 
- Gustav Mahler -

 Birgit Dulski works as a researcher at Nyenrode Business University. She is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship and holding the Sustainable Building chair of prof. Anke van Hal.  Her research focuses on making existing neighborhoods more sustainable and on cultural entrepreneurship in historic buildings. In her research, she makes extensive use of 'learning networks', in which parties involved in the same task from different perspectives learn from and with each other.

Dulski studied architecture in Germany and the Netherlands and graduated as an architect from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in 1995. She combines her job as a researcher at Nyenrode with a job as a consultant at the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE). In her role as educator, Dulski strives to let students discover how entrepreneurship and sustainability can reinforce each other, creating innovative and creative business models.

Dulski's research themes both have great social value:

  • Research into cultural entrepreneurship aims to keep cultural functions viable in historic buildings for the long term, ensuring they remain accessible to the public and allowing everyone to enjoy the valuable heritage. 
  • Making existing neighborhoods more sustainable not only contributes to energy conservation and sustainable energy generation and, as a result, to international, national and local policy objectives, but also to strengthening social cohesion in the neighborhoods and a more pleasant living environment.


Music occupies much of Dulski's spare time. She plays the tenor saxophone in a symphonic wind orchestra. She has three grown-up children.

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