Dr. Bla J. Charlotte Eba

Assistant Professor
Charlotte Eba
Dedicated to unlocking the potential of global markets and empowering communities through education, research, and collaboration in international economics.

Dr. Bla J. Charlotte Eba is Assistant Professor in International Economics at Nyenrode. Her role encompasses teaching, research and contributing to the academic community within the field of International Economics. Her research areas are primarily focused on the dynamics of global trade, economic development, and policy analysis, with a special emphasis on how trade policies impact developing economies and the global commodity markets. She takes pride in her ability to translate complex economic theories into accessible insights for my students, fostering an environment of curiosity and rigorous academic inquiry.

Eba’s academic journey and professional career in the field of economics over the last decade, have been driven by a deep commitment to understanding and solving the complex challenges of global trade and development. With a PhD in Economics from the University of the West of Scotland, her educational background laid a solid foundation in both theoretical and applied economics, specializing in international trade policies, commodity markets, and economic development strategies, particularly within the African context.

During her tenure as a Lecturer and Module Leader at the University of the West of Scotland, she sharpened her skills in curriculum development, innovative teaching methods, and student mentorship. Her work led to presentations at significant international platforms such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), highlighting her dedication to impactful research and policy advocacy.

At Nyenrode her role extends beyond teaching to include active participation in research that bridges the gap between academic inquiry and real-world economic challenges.

Given Eba’s background in economics, focusing on international trade and economic development, her personal mission at Nyenrode Business University aligns closely with the institution's emphasis on responsible leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship. Nyenrode's mission to serve society by shaping responsible leaders resonates with her commitment to mentoring young economists and guiding them towards making impactful, ethical decisions in the global economic arena.

Her personal mission at Nyenrode is to leverage her expertise in international economics to cultivate a new generation of leaders who are not only adept at navigating the complexities of global markets but are also committed to sustainable development and social equity.


Eba enjoys traveling to explore new countries and cultures, reading, gardening and cooking.

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