Cokky Hilhorst is professor of Business & IT. In her business and academic career, she focuses on digitization and information systems in organizations. In her research, Cokky focuses on decision-making, risk and IT investments. Cokky combines knowledge of digitization of organizations with in-depth knowledge and understanding of software systems and its applications.

Cokky studied Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University and specialized in theoretical computer science and mathematical logic. She holds an MSc in Information Management from TIAS Business School and a PhD in Economics and Management from Tilburg University. She defended her dissertation entitled Responding to IT risks with real options: the valuation of management flexibility in IT projects. Her PhD was awarded the Prof. dr. Aart Bosman Dissertation Prize for best dissertation in information systems 2011 in the Benelux.

Cokky worked for years at PwC as Director Consulting Technology in the public, healthcare and financial sectors. More recently, she successfully set up and led the authoritative Bureau ICT-toetsing to fulfill the political mandate of the Dutch parliament to get a grip on government IT investments.

Secondary positions

Member of the Supervisory board of Grant Thornton Netherlands.

International activities

Cokky studied at the Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics department at the University of Cambridge. She was a guest researcher at the Institut d'Administration d'Entreprises, Graduate School of Management, Paul Cézanne University - Aix-Marseille III in Aix-en-Provence. She participated in the PhD consortium of the European Conference on Information Systems in 2006. For many years, she serves as an associate editor for various international IS conferences.

Most relevant publications

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