Dr. Çiğdem Vural Yavaş

Assistant Professor
Çiğdem Vural Yavaş
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business & Corporate Strategy
  • Research for Business Administration
  • Corporate Finance

Dr. Çiğdem Vural Yavaş is an Assistant Professor of finance at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. She is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax. Her main research interests include environmental, social, and governance practices, corporate policies under uncertainty, corporate governance, and corporate finance.

Vural Yavaş's research is published in the Journal of Business Ethics, the Journal of Multinational Financial Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management.

Vural Yavaş holds a Ph.D. degree in finance from Bogazici University, Istanbul, and a Master of Science degree in Financial Mathematics from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Before her position at Nyenrode, she was an Assistant Professor of Finance at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, and worked at the Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey.

International activities

Vural Yavaş participates at international conferences and co-authors papers with researchers from universities worldwide.


Vural Yavaş enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and exploring new places, trekking, reading, and cooking recipes from different cultures.

Most relevant publications

  • Benlemlih, M., & Yavaş, Ç. V. (2023). Economic Policy Uncertainty and Climate Change: Evidence from CO2 Emission. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-27.
  • Vural Yavaş, Ç. (2021). Economic policy uncertainty, stakeholder engagement, and environmental, social, and governance practices: The moderating effect of competition. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 28(1), 82-102.
  • Vural Yavaş, Ç. (2020). Corporate risk-taking in developed countries: The influence of economic policy uncertainty and macroeconomic conditions. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 54, 100616.