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Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax


Nyenrode's Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax focuses on external financial reporting, financing and taxation issues.

We provide education and research and a continuous exchange between practice and (international) scientific research in the field.

Our mission

Nyenrode serves society by shaping students, managers and professionals. We develop responsible leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations through action-oriented education and research.


We educate our students and participants in the fields of financial accounting and reporting; focusing on following skills:

  • Creating, analyzing and auditing annual accounts.
  • Making interim reports.
  • Constructing management reports and takeover balances.

The center also covers accounting theory as well as academic research in the field.
Nyenrode's bookkeeping classes are also provided by this center.

Faculty and staff

All courses and programs have a core group responsible for the curriculum and examinations. Classes and exams are provided by freelance teaching staff and examiners. We currently have 160 professionals connected to the center.

Master Fiscal Law

Our master program Fiscal Law combines relevant theory with practice and personal development. It focuses on three areas: Fiscal Law, Tax Assurance and Soft Skills based upon our core values Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Stewardship.
Please note: This program is only offered in Dutch.


The Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax's aim is to conduct current and relevant research in the fields of financial accounting, financial reporting en taxes. Topics are subject to current public debate and (international) legislators' agendas. We strive to publish in (inter)national academic publications and value our students' participation and contribution.

Connecting education and research

There is a strong connection between the center's education and research branches, and our educational programs are designed to strengthen this bond, using our research to improve existing courses.


The center's research focuses on the following themes:

  • Capital markets-based accounting research
  • The relationship between finance, governance and financial reporting
  • Creative accounting
  • External financial reporting and investment analysts
  • The relationship between auditor and external financial reporting
  • Tax accounting
  • SMB accounting
Sustainability reporting – integrated reporting
Afscheid Prof. dr. H.P.A.J. Langendijk CSF190084-437 Let umbrella organizations appoint and pay auditors

Let umbrella organizations appoint and pay auditors

About Nyenrode |  March 29 2019
On March 29, 2019, Prof Dr Henk Langendijk said goodbye as a professor at Nyenrode Business University. In Nyenrode’s Pfizer room, he delivered his farewell speech titled: ‘The (un)true and fair view of the annual financial statements and the position of the auditor.’ His most important advice is to have auditors appointed and paid by umbrella organizations in order to create more impartiality.
Joost van Buuren Scientific validation of audit methodology in accountancy needed

Scientific validation of audit methodology in accountancy needed

Research |  November 28 2018
“The field of Auditing & Assurance is about people and trust”, says Prof. Dr. Joost van Buuren. However, according to Van Buuren, the field has not been innovative enough in recent years and is failing to adequately fulfill users’ wishes. Van Buuren therefore calls upon the sector to develop a new active approach: one in which innovation is aimed at meeting users’ needs and boosting their trust in the accountant through scientific validation of audit methodology. Van Buuren: “Accountants must start thinking differently and seize opportunities with an open mind in order to increase the relevance of the accounting position.”
Nyenrode AH An enterprising book by Europe, for Europe

An enterprising book by Europe, for Europe

Education |  November 9 2018
Entrepreneurial finance is a fast-growing phenomenon in this day and age. New forms of financing are developing at a rapid pace with the changing European economy and the increasing number of startups and scale-ups. What is lagging behind in these developments is the literature. Until now, that is. The book “Entrepreneurial Finance: The Art and Science of Growing Ventures” is a new standard work, textbook and research book all in one, drawing enthusiastic responses from numerous students, lecturers and critics.
DSC_0149 International importance of Data Science on the rise

International importance of Data Science on the rise

Research |  July 2 2018
Prof. Ruud Wetzels has been appointed as a professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit as of 1 July to hold the chair in Data Science. In this chair, Wetzels will be conducting research focused on applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), mathematics and statistics in the business world.
Esther Vergeer Esther Vergeer: ‘You must always stay true to yourself’

Esther Vergeer: ‘You must always stay true to yourself’

Education |  June 19 2018
‘In the past sports governance didn’t appeal to me all that much,’ says Esther Vergeer. The seven-time Paralympic tennis champion brought her sports career to an end in 2013, after topping the world rankings in wheelchair tennis for an unbroken run of 14 years. But she hasn’t been taking it easy since then. Besides her involvement in the Esther Vergeer Foundation, which she set up in 2004, she has been tournament director of the AMRO World Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam.
Promotie Beau Soederhuizen met paranimfen Study on the impact of policy measures on the economy

Study on the impact of policy measures on the economy

Research |  June 11 2018
The turmoil surrounding the economic situation in Italy has returned in recent weeks. Based on inflation expectations, however, Italian consumers intend to remain in the eurozone. Inflation expectations would indeed rise if the country were to leave the eurozone, though the findings show that inflation expectations actually fall during times of concern over the eurozone’s future. This points to an internal adjustment mechanism within the eurozone. This is one of the conclusions reached by Beau Soederhuizen in his dissertation titled “Empirical studies on (un)conventional policies and macroeconomic adjustment during the crisis”, for which he will receive his doctorate from Nyenrode Business Universiteit on 11 June 2018. At age 26, Soederhuizen is the youngest person ever to earn a PhD from the university.
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Faculty members

Prof. mr. dr. Philippe Albert

  • International Tax Law

Job J. Andreoli MSc CFM

  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Venture capital
  • Crowdfunding

Prof. dr. Ivo Arnold

  • Financial Economics
  • Monetary Economics

Dr. Ferdy van Beest

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Accounting Theory
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Accounting Standards
  • Accounting Experiment
  • Securities Regulations and Enforcement

Prof. dr. Tom Berkhout MRE MRICS

  • Real Estate
  • Tax Law
  • Business Valuation

Prof. mr. dr. Arco Bobeldijk

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Fiscal Law

Prof. dr. Roland Brandsma

  • International and Domestic Tax Issues

Prof. dr. Gijs van Bussel

  • Human Resource Management
  • Executive Pay

Prof. mr. dr. Lisette van der Hel - van Dijk RA

  • Governance
  • Tax
  • International Coorperation

Prof. dr. Jaap Koelewijn

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance

Prof. dr. Henk Langendijk

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Governance

Dr. Mike Nawas

  • Financial Markets
  • Structured Finance

Dr. René P. Orij

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Accounting Theory
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Corporate Social Reporting

Dr. ir. Frans Schaepkens RC EMFC

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Healthcare Industry

Drs. Eduard Sprokholt

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Finance

Prof. dr. Kalun Tse

  • Corporate Finance

Prof. dr. Tom van Veen

  • Financial Economics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Banking
  • European Monetary Integration
  • European Economic Policy
  • Economics of International Education

Dr. Roy Verbeek

  • Empirical asset pricing

Prof. dr. Ruud Vergoossen RA

  • Financial Accounting

Prof. dr. Dennis Vink

  • Corporate Finance
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Strategic Finance

Prof. dr. Rudolf de Vries

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Tax Law
  • Fiscal Group Law