Prof. dr. Edward Groenland (emeritus)

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  • Problem analysis
  • Research Methodology
A day without thought is a day wasted! However, some absent-mindedness when it comes to vast thought processes makes life more pleasant and richer, and therefore more complete.

Prof. dr. Edward Groenland is Emeritus Professor of Business Research Methodology at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. During his carreer, Edward was engaged in education and research in the broadest sense of the word. If a student can think according to academic principles and can (help) solve practical problems, that motivates him.

In addition to being a professor, Edward was program director of the bachelor's degree program in Amsterdam and chairman of the Works Council (Ondernemingsraad). 

Edward studied economic and social psychology. He obtained his doctorate in 1989 with the socio-economic welfare of benefit recipients as the subject of his doctoral dissertation. After attaining this, Edward worked at Tilburg University until 2009, where he conducted economic-psychological research. He also was research director at a commercial market research agency until 2008. There he engaged in the research methodology of commercial research and developed a qualitative research department.

After his appointment as a professor at Nyenrode, Edward practiced both qualitative (deductive) and quantitative research methodology and he, for some time, was director of the PhD school.

In addition, Edward is a conversation techniques trainer, as applied in market and policy research.


Life stands on the shoulders of music and words. Where these two meet, songs arise in which charming melodies go hand in hand with meaningful and emotional lyrics. The listener is touched and lifted.

Most relevant publications

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