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Dr. Ferdy van Beest works as an Assistant Professor in the field of Financial Accounting and Reporting with a focus on external reporting.

Subjects that are included are: Mergers and Acquisitions, Alternative Performance Measures, Consolidation Circles, Quality Management Reporting, IFRS 16, IFRS 8, IAS 36, IAS1 and 8, and Econometric Models. He contributes to annual reports such as IFRS and designs econometric models for both the dairy and construction industry.

Ferdy is vice chairman of the exam committee for Accountancy, Control and Fiscal Law. Next to that, Ferdy organizes, in collaboration with Vakmedianet, the college series Accountancy and Controlling.

Secondary activities

Ferdy works as a Senior Advisor of Auditing at Flynth Advisors and Accountants. He has been a senior supervisor at AFM for a number of years.

Currently, Dr. van Beest is involved in a wide range of activities which include; advice with regards to External Reporting, advice about Integrated Reporting, Coaching, and he is a presenter and author of chapters and articles. 


Football and badminton

Most Relevant Publications

  • 2020 Availability and Disclosure Quality of Management Reports: Evidence from the Netherlands (with Ruud Vergoossen). Revise and resubmit Accounting in Europe
  • 2020 Prudential Application of IFRS 9: (Un)Fair Reporting in COVID-19 Crisis for Banks Worldwide?! (with Aziz El Barnoussi & Bryan Howieson) Revise and resubmit Australian Accounting Review
  • 2020 Creation of a Rules-Oriented/Principles-Oriented Measure and its Relationship to Auditor Advocacy Attitudes and Contingent Liability Judgments (with Rob Pinsker) submitted to Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research
  • Beest, F. van (2019), Jaarverslaggeving in het MKB, Elk jaar glasheldere inkijk in de cijfers, FA Rendement themadossier, 20 (6), december. 
  • Barnoussi, A. el en F. van beest (2020), Voorziening en IFRS 9 onder Covid-19; grote risico’s op struivogelpolitiek?!, Executive Finance, april. https://executivefinance.nl/2020/04/voorzieningen-en-ifrs-9-onder-covid-19-grote-risicos-op-struisvogelpolitiek/
  • Barnoussi, A. el en F. van beest (2020), Versoepelen van IFRS 9 accounting standaard is onnodig en creeert gevaarlijk precedent, Executive Finance, april. https://executivefinance.nl/2020/04/aanpassen-van-ifrs-9-accounting-standaard-is-onnodig-en-creeert-gevaarlijk-precedent/.