Prof. dr. ir. Henk Kievit

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  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Family Business
  • Natural and Social Capitalism
  • Social Venturing
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Prof. dr. ir. Henk Kievit is professor Entrepreneurship and Ecosystems at Nyenrode Business University. He is also director of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship as well as the Director of (Executive) MBA Programs;

He teaches on on a range of topics as (Regional) Ecosystems; Governance of Triple- and Quadruple Helix, (Social) Entrepreneurship & (Social) Venture Capital topics in the general management & executive MBA programs at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. In his teaching he applies a mix of methodologies: traditional lectures, case studies, audience respons and online learning environments. His research focuses on governance of society, entrepreneurship  & innovation- and digital transformation and digital ecosystems activities, to help understand the entrepreneurial orientation in transitions in society. He has published in journals as the Journal of Technology Transfer, International Business Review, Sustainability, Agronomy Journal, European Journal of Marketing and Corporate Governance (Bingley) and is an active member of the academic society.

Kievit received a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Economics from the   Wageningen University (1994) and obtained his PhD at the Nyenrode Business University (2011). His dissertation was titled:  Social Venturing Entrepreneurship – a positioning. See for a summary in English: SVE-dissertation.

Kievit is involved in a number of activities in the field of innovation- and digital ecosystem, agricultural transition in the Foodvalley region and private wealth social venturing entrepreneurship and (venture) philanthropy. Prior to joining Nyenrode as a research associate (2005), he worked in the international business of information technology and a private family philanthropy and impact investments organization, with a dedicated private equity social venturing fund in the Netherlands. 


History, philosophy and long hikes in the forests, meadows and Swiss mountains, besides reading

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