Prof. dr. Henry Robben

Henry Robben
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"Successful marketing stems from thorough analysis with a sauce of common sense."

Prof. Dr. Henry Robben is a Professor of Marketing at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for  Marketing & Supply Chain Management. His research interests include strategic marketing, innovation management and new product development. He has published on these and other topics in journals such as the International Journal of Research in Marketing, the Journal of Product Innovation Management, the Journal of Strategic Marketing, and R&D Management. 

Previously, he held positions at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tilburg University, Delft University of Technology, and TIAS School for Business and Society.He was a visiting professor at Utrecht University School of Economics.  

Robben is co-author of several books, including Visionary Marketing (with Rudy Moenaert), Strategic Thinking in Marketing (with Rudy Moenaert), Marketing Management: The Essence (with Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller and Maggie Geuens), Marketing Strategy and Organisation (with Rudy Moenaert and Peter Gouw) and The Customer Leader with Rudy Moenaert and Michael Antioco. He teaches (digital) marketing strategy and innovation management within the degree and executive programs. 

International activities

Robben was a visiting professor at AVT Business School, DTU Business School (both in Denmark), the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in Chania (Greece), the Southwest University of Finance and Economics (China), the University of Port Elizabeth (South Africa), Stellenbosch University Business School (South Africa) and the University of West Florida (USA).


Mountain hiking, cycling, gaming, reading, traveling and writing.

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