Dr. Jianhong Zhang

Associate Professor
Jianhong Zhang
  • Internationalization Strategy
  • Multinational Enterprise
  • Foreign direct investment
  • International Business
  • International Economics
  • Chinese Culture and Business
  • Business Research
  • Supervising Thesis

Dr Jianhong Zhang is Senior researcher and associate Professor in International Economics and Businesses at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

After ten years of working in China as a university teacher, she came to the Netherlands in 1999 as a visiting scholar. She gained her PhD in international economics in 2005 at University of Groningen, then she worked as an assistant professor at the same university. In 2007 she joined Nyenrode as a research fellow and became an associate professor in 2009. 

She is an active researcher and has published over 60 academic articles in peer-reviewed journals for example, in Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Party politics, International Business Review, Management International Review, and China Economic Review.

Secondary positions

Zhang serves as a reviewer for some international journals such as: 

  • Journal of International Business Study
  • Organization Studies
  • Review of World Economics
  • International Business Review

International activities

Besides research and teaching, Zhang engaged in setting up and maintaining the cooperation between Nyenrode and Chinese universities and institutes. She served as a program manager in designing, recruiting and operating professional training and acted as a program leader in creating and operating student’s international study trip.


Walking, growing plants, knitting and learning.

Most relevant publications