Prof. dr. Kalun Tse (emeritus)

Kalun Tse portret
  • Corporate Finance

Prof. dr. Kalun Tse is professor of Finance at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax. His research interests include pricing of risk, real operating options and financial sector reform in transitional economies. His research work has been supported by the European Union, the World Bank and the European Foundation for Management Development. The results of his work have been published in international academic journals such as the European Journal of Management, European Finance Journal, Pacific Basin Finance Journal.

Tse obtained his Master’s degree (MSc) in Management Science and his Doctorate (PhD) in Financial Economics from Imperial College, University of London, England.

Most relevant publications

  • Tsé, Kalun L. ''Valueing a real operating option : some conceptual issues.'' Fiduciair : Financieel Economisch Magazine Nyenrode 5.2 (2002): 4-8.
  • Tsé, Kalun L., H.A. Rijken, A.A. Buckley. Past-return strategies in the UK stock market. CEIBS Working Paper Series. Shanghai: 2002.
  • Tsé, Kalun L., H.A. Rijken, A.A. Buckley. Contrarian strategies in bear and bull markets : empirical evidence from the UK stock market. 2001.
  • Tsé, Kalun L., H.A. Rijken, A.A. Buckley, Hans G. Eijgenhuijsen. ''Stock market valuation with real options-lessons from a case study.'' European Journal of Finance 20.5 (2001): 512-527.