Dr. Bart Jansen LL.M.

Assistant Professor
Bart Jansen
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Whoever asserts a value, must bring its influence to bear. Whoever maintains that it has value regardless of the influence brought to bear by any individual human being who endorses it, is simply cheating

Dr. Bart Jansen LL.M. is a legal philosopher and lawyer at Nyenrode Business university. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship.

Jansen studied Law at Leiden University, as well as the subjects 'Aesthetics' and 'Photography' at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He obtained two master's degrees in Leiden, the master's in ‘Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law’ and the master's in ‘Encyclopedia and Philosophy of Law’, and wrote two theses on avant-gardism in relation to law and political philosophy. 

During his studies, Bart started as a lecturer at the Encyclopedia of Law department and taught 'Introduction to Law' (Inleiding Recht), 'Methods and Techniques of Law' (Methoden en Technieken van de Rechtswetenschap), 'Foundations of Law' (Grondslagen van het Recht) and 'Moot Court Criminal Law' (Moot Court-Strafrecht). In addition, he taught various subjects at the University of Amsterdam at the General Legal Studies department, namely 'European History of Law' (Europese Rechtsgeschiedenis), the elective course 'Help with Suicide' (Hulp bij Zelfdoding) and 'Law and Human Behavior' (Recht en Menselijk Gedrag).

The scope of his research is unlimited and covers the whole range of controversial legal figures. His current research concerns the deconstruction of self-regulation and informal dispute resolution, the legal and ethical status of amputated limbs, the philosophy behind 'waste' and misery in the art trade.

In January 2022, Bart defended his dissertation at Nyenrode in which he believes that in business ethics, legal thinking gets in the way of real ethics. 

Secondary activities

  • Adjunct Professor Legal Philosophy at Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • Lecturer Legal Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Lecturer Jurisprudence at Leiden University.

International activities

Bart is very closely involved in the European project 'Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade' (SMART), where he researches the promotion of sustainable development within planetary boundaries.


Bart's favorite pastimes are art, reading and writing.

Most relevant publications

  • Jansen, B. & Jeurissen, R. (2022). Camera Iuridica: Plea Against a Legally Thought Business Ethics. Ethical Perspectives – A Quarterly Review, 29(2), p. 197-229.
  • Jansen, B. (2021). New Materialism in Business Ethics: The Juridical Form as Disciplinary Apparatus. International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, 14(1), p. 64-80.
  • Jansen, B. (2021). Dispute Resolution as an Ethical Phantasm: Alternative Justice Under the Spell of Law. Philosophy of Management, 20(1), p. 293-306.
  • Jansen, B., Kurniawan, F., Putri, A., & Lambooy, T.E. (2021). A Post-Colonial Comparative Critical Legal Study of the Open Norm of Reasonableness and Fairness (or Good Faith) in Dutch and Indonesian Corporate Law. International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal, 15(1), p. 73-100.