Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute

Nyenrode Corporate Governance Instituut

The Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute (NCGI) is the platform for everyone who wants to professionalize board, governance and supervision in a way that leads to a better world. As an academic institute, we want to make a social contribution by stimulating the development and debate about responsible leadership.

We join forces with various groups for this, because responsible leadership affects every type of board and supervision in all sectors, both public and private and from small to large. We share the academic knowledge from research we have in-house through our Board & Governance courses. Our members also give their opinion in the public debate on good governance through publications, conferences and lectures. In this way we give all participants a broad perspective on the question of what good governance is.


Solid corporate governance demands continuously educating an organization's key figures. With our leading Executive Education programs they stay current with the latest academic insights regarding their daily practice.

The Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute and its members contribute to the academic quality of Nyenrode's:

  • Programs aimed at (non) executives - board level;
  • Programs aimed at (senior) executives;
  • Customized programs aimed at specific issues or roles within organizations.

Some of our corporate governance programs:

  • Nyenrode Supervisory Board Cycle
  • New Board Program
  • NCGI Elective: The Effective Chairperson
  • NCGI Elective: The Auditing Committee
  • NCGI Elective: The Remuneration & Nomination Committee
  • Insight in Corporate Governance


Corporate governance requires connecting a variety of research disciplines. Bridges need to be built between lawyers and economists, economists and behavioral scientists, behavioral scientists and philosophers, philosophers and lawyers, etc. To prevent tunnel vision in corporate governance research, each discipline has to broaden its scope. Research conducted by the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute means:
  • Independent (scientific) research;
  • A focus on practical application;
  • Designing concrete solutions for existing problems (linking theory with practice).
We are currently conducting research around these four themes:
  • Board Agenda 2022
  • Making Markets Fit for Purpose
  • Integrated Reporting
  • New (corporate) governance concepts

Several of our members have conducted research for (among others) the Dutch Monitoring Committee for Corporate Governance, the Dutch Monitoring Committee for the Banking Code, ministries, corporations, and institutional investors. Additionally, they have conducted independent research that has greatly contributed to the public debate on this subject.

Some of NCGI's recent and prominent publications and research papers in the field of corporate governance are listed below. Not all publications are available in English. The title indicates the publication's language.

Publications and research papers 2016

  • Good Governance driving Corporate Performance? A meta-analysis of academic research & invitation to engage in the dialogue, (December 2016). This white paper was developed as a joint effort between the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute and Deloitte Governance Services. Via

Publications and research papers 2015

  • Renes, R.M., R. Jeurissen, T. Lambooy, L. Paape, J. de Swart, R. Diepeveen, (30 november 2015). Corporate Governance in Nederland: Onderzoek naar de naleving van de Nederlandse Corporate Governance Code in het boekjaar 2014. Onderzoeksrapport Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Via

Publications and research papers 2014

  • Renes, R.M., R. Jeurissen, T. Lambooy, L. Paape, J. de Swart, R. Diepeveen, (30 november 2015). Corporate Governance in Nederland: Onderzoek naar de naleving van de Nederlandse Corporate Governance Code in het boekjaar 2014. Onderzoeksrapport Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Via
  • Renes, R.M., B. Bier, R. Jeurissen, T. Lambooy, D. Melis, I. Verwey (19 december 2014). Corporate Governance in Nederland: Onderzoek naar de naleving van de Nederlandse Corporate Governance Code in het boekjaar 2013. Onderzoeksrapport Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Via
  • 'The Institutional Investor Stewardship Myth. A theoretical, legal and empirical analysis of prescribed institutional investor stewardship in a Dutch context.' 2014, Dr. Danielle Melis MBA. Download the English language summary of this thesis.
    Het wetsvoorstel ‘Herzieningswet toegelaten instellingen volkshuisvesting’, TOP 2014 Bier/De Meijeren. 

Publications and research papers 2013

  • 'Overzicht Corporate Governance in Nederland 2003-2013' in opdracht van de Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance Code (prof. dr. Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers, drs. Danielle Melis MBA, prof. mr. dr. Barbara Bier, prof. dr. Paul Frentrop).  
  • 'No asset-stripping?' (prof. mr. dr. B. Bier) Wet Implementatie AIFM-richtlijn: bijzondere gedragsinstructies in verband met uitkeringen voor Nederlandse beheerders van alternatieve beleggingsinstellingen - Ondernemingsrecht 2013/74.


Strong corporate governance requires opinion forming and a public debate based on facts. We create these by:

  • Enabling dialogue between the scientific and business communities around current governance themes.
  • Facilitating knowledge-sharing between experts.
  • Initiating innovative, multidisciplinary research programs.
  • Providing academic content for education and research programs.

Practically, this means we produce the following output:

  • A monthly newsletter around relevant research studies, current affairs and opinion;
  • seminars, conferences and round-table meetings for the scientific and business worlds;
  • (scientific) publications, lectures and media-appearances.


Would you like to stay informed of our activities? Please subscribe for our Dutch NCGI-newsletter.

Below you can find previous editions of NCGI-newsletters:

Yulia Levashova nieuwsbericht_LOWRES How to start embedding human rights in your business

How to start embedding human rights in your business

Opinion |  April 18 2023
There is an urgency to incorporate human rights policy into your business operations, as stated by Yulia Levashova, Assistant professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Besides a moral duty to take good care of your employees and ensure that your company respect human rights, it also makes a ‘good business sense.’
Jeroen Veldman Five issues for ESG

Five issues for ESG

Education |  February 17 2023
ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) dominates discussions in the boardroom. The reason for the growing importance attached to ESG is that it will significantly affect the landscape in which companies and boards operate.
Coach House Transparency about ESG: Telling an honest story about sustainability

Transparency about ESG: Telling an honest story about sustainability

Research |  December 20 2022
Major social issues continue to have an increasing impact, also on the business community. And these issues increasingly require corporate involvement. Remko Renes (member of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute) and Auke de Bos (associated with the EUR and EY) elaborate on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. They think about the meaning and the importance of ESG, and the influence of this topic’s focus and transparency on organizations and directors and the roles of supervisors and audits. Based on their insights, they give recommendations to directors, supervisory directors, advisers and accountants.
Ronald Jeurissen nieuwsbericht_LOWRES Ronald Jeurissen, 25 years of ethical growth

Ronald Jeurissen, 25 years of ethical growth

Community |  December 13 2022
Ronald Jeurissen looks back on 25 years Nyenrode: “My first day was hilarious. In the first hour I managed to get into a tiff, twice, and my career at Nyenrode hadn’t even started yet”.
Leen Paape small Why the social duty of care for companies must be regulated by law

Why the social duty of care for companies must be regulated by law

Research |  December 8 2022
It is taking too long for companies to put well-being before profit. That is why a social duty of care must be enshrined in law. This is what Leen Paape says in his farewell speech as Professor of Corporate Governance at Nyenrode.
Muel Seven competences of ESG leaders

Seven competences of ESG leaders

Education |  November 24 2022
Successfully implementing ESG within organizations requires leadership. But what competences does a leader need to have in order to successfully implement ESG?
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The members of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute are:

  • Prof. dr. Leen Paape RA RO CIA / NCGI chairperson from 1 September 2017

Governance and Capital Markets

  • Drs Erik Breen / Specialization: Corporate Governance
  • Dr Daniëlle Melis MBA / Specialization: Corporate Governance & Shareholders
  • Prof Dr Ruud Pruijm RA / Specialization: Corporate Governance
  • Dr Jeroen Veldman / Specialization: Corporate Governance, Social Enterprise, Sustainability, Strategy, CSR, Social Ontology, Business Ethics, Innovation

Codes, Company Law and Supervision

  • Mr Rosalien van 't Foort - Diepeveen / Specialization: Corporate Law & Corporate Governance
  • Mr Bart Jansen / Specialization: Juridification of Applied Ethics
  • Mr Dr Ingrid Koning / Specialization: Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Transport Law
  • Prof Mr Dr Tineke Lambooy LL.M / Specialization: Environmental Corporate Governance, CSR and Corporate Governance, Institutional Investors and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Sustainability Rating Agencies, Company Law, Sustainable Water Use
  • Mr Herman Mulder / Specialization: Sustainable Finance
  • Drs Remko Renes RA / Specialization: Corporate Governance & Internal Control Audit, In Control Statements
  • Prof Mr Dr Bas Steins Bisschop / Specialization: Corporate Law
  • Prof Mr Steven Schuit / Specialization: Corporate Governance & Corporate Law

Integrity and Compliance

  • Prof Dr Ronald Jeurissen / Specialization: Business Ethics
  • Dr Edgar Karssing / Specialization: Integrity Management
  • Prof Dr Ir André Nijhof / Specialization: Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics   

Board Practices and Leadership

  • Dr Marta Berent Braun / Specialization: Family Business, Governance, Entrepreneurship
  • Dr Antoinette Rijsenbilt / Specialization: personality, personality disorders and behavior in the boardroom

Governance and Auditing

  • Prof Dr Bob Hoogenboom RA / Specialization: MRE, Forensic Business Studies
  • Arthur Izeboud RA / Specialization: Auditing, Corporate and Culture Governance, Risk Management
  • Prof Dr Leen Paape RA RO CIA / Specialization: Risk Management & Corporate Governance
  • Prof Dr Mr Marcel Pheijffer RA / Specialization: (Forensic) Accounting


  • Prof Dr Gijs van Bussel / Specialization: Human Resource Management, Executive Pay

Board & Governance Programs and Communities

  • Tom Cummings BA MA / Specialization: Leadership, Organizational Development, Executive Board Strategy
  • Ruud Kok RA / Specialization: Audit Committees, Board Evaluation, Risk Management
  • Mr Hans Plesman / Specialization: Executive Search, Boardroom Dynamics


Dr. Bart Jansen LL.M.

  • Philosophy
  • Law
  • Ethics

Prof. dr. Leen Paape RA RO CIA (emeritus)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Auditing
  • Management Control
NCGI works closely with Nyenrode's Alumni Association to organize a host of activities for our graduates. Some of these are:
  • Seminars, book publication and/or book discussion events, and academic meetings for presenting corporate governance research results;
  • Alumni events of the Board & Governance programs, such as the Annual Executive Session New Board Program and the Annual Update to the Nyenrode Supervisory Board Cycle.

In addition we organize the NCGI Electives, programs that offer alumni as well as other interested parties an addition to Nyenrode's New Board Program and Supervisory Board Cycle. With the Electives, the NCGI provides you the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and skills as well as exchange experiences with your peers.