Mr. drs. B. Jonker RA

Kerngroepvoorzitter belastingrecht
Bart Jonker
  • Tax Theory & Ethics
  • Tax control
  • Formal Tax Law
A day without learning is a day wasted.


Bart Jonker is responsible for the tax courses at Nyenrode. He is core group chairman of the subjects Tax Law 1, 2 & 3 in the Bachelor of Accountancy. In addition, he coordinates the master courses Tax Theory & Ethics and Fiscal leadership in the Master in Tax Law and in the Master in Fiscal Economics. He is also academically responsible for the latter programme.

Bart is a doctoral candidate at Nyenrode. He researches the tax administration obligation in the Netherlands. "I'm mainly proud to have co-founded a successful master's program in tax law and the new Master's degree in Fiscal Economics at Nyenrode." Bart studied economics as well as accountancy at the Vrije Universiteit. He then studied tax law at the University of Amsterdam.

For the past 10 years, he has been working as a technical audit adviser at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration for Large Enterprises (Belastingdienst Grote Ondernemingen) in Amsterdam. Prior to that, he was, among other things, a supervisor at the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële markten).

Bart is motivated to train contemporary and socially involved tax specialists and accountants with a critical, academic mind and a strong spirit, who are able to independently dissect problems of organizations in order to formulate an acceptable solution that takes into account the interests of all stakeholders.

Secondary positions

  • Examiner at the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants)


Bart's a bibliophile. Especially when it concerns books on history, philosophy and/or physics, his interest is piqued. He can hardly walk past a bookstore without buying a book. He also enjoys running every day. Finally, he loves the good life. He loves Mediterranean food with a good glass of wine and Scotch whiskey as a finisher.

Most relevant publications

  • Inzage in de dossiers van de openbaar accountantWeekblad Fiscaal Recht, nr. 6918, 25 augustus 2011. 
  • Beter ten halve gekeerd dan ten hele gedwaald. Art. 52 AWR en de informatiebeschikking. In: Tijdschrift voor Formeel Belastingrecht, nr 5, juli 2020, p. 10-18.