Prof. mr. dr. Philippe Albert

Philippe Albert
  • International Tax Law
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Reducing tax issues to the core
(reduction to the essentials).

Prof. Dr. Philippe Albert LL.M is professor of International Tax Law at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax.

After completing his Master’s degree in fiscal economics, Philippe worked for 12 years at the Inland Revenue. During this time he spent 9 years in the role of Corporate Tax Inspector. The last 3 years at Inland Revue he was a teacher in the Tax College of the Ministry of Finance. In 1995 he wrote his PhD thesis and in 1997 he became LLM.

He is proud to have received the Prof. mr. HJ Hofstra medal (June 2005). The medal is awarded once every two to four years to “the person who remains in any writing has given of the ability to open up and solve fiscal issues through an astute analysis and a clear line of argument in a balanced synthesis of theoretical foundations and practical applicability”.

From 1985 till 1997, Philippe worked at the Tax Authorities as (deputy) corporate tax inspector. In 1995 he obtained his doctorate (title of thesis: 'Profit loss'). Since 1997, Philippe has been a full-time director of the Professional Tax Advisory Bureau of Baker Tilly (Netherlands) NV (main activities: second opinion, internal training, organizing and participating in tax consultations). In 2012-2013 Philippe set up the course International and European tax law for Nyenrode in the master Tax law.


Walking, reading, visiting the theatre.

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