Since 2005 Philippe Albert is Professor of International Tax Law at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. After his Master’s degree in fiscal economy in 1985 in Groningen Philippe worked during 12 years for the Inland Revenue of which 9 years as a Corporate Tax Inspector and 3 years as a teacher in the Tax College of the Ministry of Finance. In 1995 he wrote his PhD thesis and in 1997 he became LLM.

Secondary positions

Since July 2011 Philippe has been member of the board of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (an association of 5,000 academic qualified members) and since 1999 he has been Tax Judge in the Court of Appeal in The Hague. In 1997 he has become director of the fiscal department of Baker Tilly Berk NV, a firm of accountants and tax advisers.

His responsibilities are:
  • to give second opinion to their tax advisers (review of tax advices; answering of fiscal questions; support in legal proceedings).
  • to give training and education (courses about amendments of the tax law).
  • to organize expert meetings (for procedural tax law, international tax law, estate planning).
He is an editor and annotator of several fiscal journals (such as Weekblad Fiscaal Recht, BNB and NTFR Beschouwingen. Since 1994 he has written 12 books, 70 articles and 125 annotations.
Since many years Philippe he has been a member of several informal debate groups on tax matters (with members of the Supreme Court, universities and the Ministry of Finance).


Walking, reading, visiting the theatre.

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