“Customized pragmatic advice with the use of scientific knowledge, theoretical insights and years of practical experience”

Drs. Sacha Spoor MBA is lecturer, researcher and organizational advisor at the Institute for Integrity Management and Business Ethics (EIBE) of Nyenrode Business University. Sacha is responsible for research, education and advice in the field of integrity management. 

She has been working in the integrity profession since 1998; as an advisor at the municipalities of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer and as a consultant at Deloitte. She was one of the founders of Bureau Integrity Amsterdam and has set up the integrity function and the integrity policy within Haarlemmermeer.

Sacha's area of expertise include integrity management, Ethical Leadership, governance, ethics, whistleblowing, integrity dilemmas, counselors, integrity function, compliance officers. Integrity in the sense of professional responsibility, doing your job well and an open corporate culture; not (only) in the sense of rules and codes.

The common denominator throughout Sacha's career is advising (top) management and members of the board. For example about the development, change and safeguarding an open and safe culture, an ethical organization and Ethical Leadership. She also develops training programs, courses and workshops. She teaches various target groups. At Nyenrode and in-company, from board level to work floor. Always customized, with various interactive working methods, and always applicable in one's own work environment.

Sacha also conducts scientific research and integrity investigations (in case of suspicion of wrongdoing or undesirable behavior) for chairpersons / members of grievance committees or investigation committees. In addition, she is increasingly involved in research into sustainable enterpreneurship and stewardship including research into the sustainability label.