Thu Anh Le Dang

PhD Student
Thu Dang lowres
  • Innovation Management
  • Ambidexterity Strategies
Pursuing a PhD is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy and is also pursuing a Power of always Holding Dreams.

Thu Anh Le Dang is a PhD Student at Nyenrode’s Center for Marketing & Supply Chain Management. Her research project focuses on how companies can organize innovation capabilities that can simultaneously explore new ideas and exploit existing ones (also called ambidexterity) to cope with uncertainty, adapt to change, and remain innovative. The insight that she generates is expected to improve company’s innovation processes as well as contribute to the challenges of the 21st century. Through this meaningful research, Dang is proud to play a role in making the world a better place with more sustainable values for society.

Dang received two bachelor’s degrees in international business economics as well as Accounting from the Foreign Trade University, Vietnam. She obtained her Master of Science in Economics and Finance at the University of Bournemouth, the UK. After graduation, Dang had four years working as a tax consultant and an accountant in the banking and financial services industry. She has experience of delivering tax consulting packages to customers from various sectors as well as implementing several important projects in the banking system.


Dang loves getting immersed in the beautiful estate of Nyenrode as well as the spectacular coastlines in her home country Vietnam.