Tom van Veen studied economics in Rotterdam and Groningen and received his PhD from Maastricht University on a thesis on Wage Bargaining. In September 1983, he started to work at the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht as assistant professor in Economics. In 1999 he was appointed Associate professor and in January 2011 he was appointed as professor in economics, in particular in the economics of international education. This position implies being the Dean of Internationalization of Education of Maastricht University. He is responsible for international cooperation initiatives and international recruitment policy at the University level. In addition he is the scientific director of the Maastricht University Summer School and scientific director of the Maastricht India initiative (including the MERC office in Bangalore, and the India country team).
In 2010 Tom van Veen was appointed as professor in economics at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. At Nyenrode he is responsible for the economics program in the Bsc in Accountancy and he teaches Managerial Economics in the Master in Management program.
His research interest is in European Economic Policy, in particular in fiscal policy, monetary policy and labour market policies. In addition, he has started research projects on the economic impact of international education.
In 2011, Tom van Veen became fellow of the CESifo network.