Prof. dr. Venugopal Venkataraman

Venu Venugopal_LOWRES
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Modeling
Once a teacher, forever a student 
Venugopal Venkataraman is Professor of Supply Chain Operations at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. His teaching and research activities are in the field of Supply Chain Management, Operations Management and Modeling Business Decisions. He has received ‘Professor of the year Award’ for Teaching Excellence in MBA programs and Master Programs at Nyenrode. He also serves as a member of different academic committees & assessment committees.   

He has held visiting faculty positions in China, India and other European academic institutes.
He has published in leading International academic journals such as the European Journal of Operations Research, International Journal of Production Research, Decision Support Systems and Journal of the Operational Research Society.  He has also received the ‘MCB Award for Research Excellence’.

He is also a member of the Editorial Board of International Journals such as International Journal of Procurement Management, International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, and IIMB Management Review. He also serves as a referee for several International Journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Research, Supply Chain Management – an International Journal and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Venugopal holds a PhD in Operations Management, MS in Industrial Management from the Indian Institute of Technology.

 International activities

  • Member of the examination committee of PhD thesis from other premier International business schools in India and South Africa
  • Also taught in other premier International business schools in India and China.


Reading and Listening to Music

Most relevant publications

  • Gülyaz, E., van der Veen, J. A., Venugopal, V., & Solaimani, S. (2019). Towards a holistic view of customer value creation in Lean: A design science approach. Cogent Business & Management6(1), 1602924.
  • Solaimani, S., van der Veen, J., Sobek II, D. K., Gulyaz, E., & Venugopal, V. (2019). On the application of Lean principles and practices to innovation management. The TQM Journal
  • Van der Rhee, B., Schmidt, G., van der Veen, J. A., & Venugopal, V. (2014). Revenue-sharing contracts across an extended supply chain. Business Horizons57(4), 473-482.
  • Van der Veen, J. A., & Venugopal, V. (2014). Economic and environmental performance of the firm: Synergy or trade-off? Insights from the EOQ model. In Handbook of EOQ inventory problems (pp. 121-137). Springer, Boston, MA.