Research chairs

Research chair

Does your company or organization want access to Nyenrode's expertise and databases? You can make this happen by sponsoring a research chair.

A sponsorship takes the shape of a strategic partnership between one or more organizations and one of Nyenrode's professors. The (financial) contribution of the organization(s) and the professor's expertise and network lead to relevant academic research results, benefiting both parties.

The benefits of sponsoring

As well as having access to our expertise and databases, there are other benefits to a sponsorship:

  • Publicity

A chair may be named after a sponsor. This means the sponsor's name will be noted in all communications and media output related to the research project and the university professor involved.


  • Contributions by Nyenrode

Sponsoring may also lead to Nyenrode contributing to your organization's activities, such as workshops and seminars.


  • Other forms of cooperation

Academic contributions from the side of Nyenrode Business Universiteit may be the instigator for further collaboration, in the form of Executive Education or in-company programs or events.


If you want to know more about sponsoring a research chair at Nyenrode, please contact our Academic Services Center.



Academic Services Center

Academic Services Center