International collaboration in education and research

The Dutch have a rich history when it comes to international collaboration. In the field of global education and research, we are proud to welcome many internationals. Almost 45% of academics working in the Netherlands are non-Dutch. Moreover, the Dutch are considered one of the most internationally mobile academics globally.  

Nyenrode Business Universiteit also actively stimulates international collaboration in the form of education and research.  In serving society and establishing greater impact, we closely collaborate with international faculty from our valued network of partners and encourage inbound and outbound staff mobility.

Interested in learnign more about Dutch Academia? A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia discusses Dutch attitudes to work, employment contracts and the structure of academia in the Netherlands, with its universities and research organisations.

On these pages you’ll find more detailed information on how you can start your international mobility at or to Nyenrode.

Melody Mast

Melody Mast

International Relations Manager