Nyenrode students and staff only

International database containing data on equities, bonds, interest rates, exchange rates, financial company information and macro- economic data.

The sources of the data are the IMF, OECD, national governments, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the stock exchanges, and the company reports.
Examples of macro-economic data are: FDI, economic growth data and statistics of international private income.

Access to Datastream

Due to corona restrictions the library in Breukelen will be closed from 5 November till further notice.

Access to Datastream is still possible. A Windows PC is required for access at home. A librarian needs to remotely access your PC through the Teams app for the installation.

Due to the high demand for the use of Datastream, a time slot of up to 3 hours can be reserved, in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Datastream is available from Monday until Friday. EXCEPTION: Datastream is not available during the holidays between 21 December and 3 January.

Mail to library@nyenrode.nl to make or cancel a reservation and ask questions about Datastream.


This link refers to Thomson Reuters’ training videos, the database itself is not accessible online. For a short overview, please visit our Canvas page: https://nyenrode.instructure.com/courses/513/modules.

As an alternative to Datastream, please take a look at other databases, such as Orbis or Zephyr. These are also available off-campus for students.