Andre Nijhof nieuwsbericht_LOWRES Circular beanies: closing the circle at Nyenrode

Circular beanies: closing the circle at Nyenrode

Research |  November 21 2022
Anyone who thought that Nyenrode Business University focuses purely on education and research is wrong; in fact, the university also sells circular beanies made of recycled cotton from worn clothing. By investing in a student idea, the university is doing its part to make the textile industry more sustainable.
Nyenrode-header-nieuwsberichten-ImpactCase-1 "Sustainable solutions start with yourself"

"Sustainable solutions start with yourself"

Research |  March 10 2022
André Nijhof, Professor of Sustainable Business and Stewardship and Anke van Hal, Professor of Sustainable Building, both at Nyenrode Business University conduct research in the field of sustainability.
Team ‘Sustainability score infraprojects’; a quality mark for the infrastructure sector

‘Sustainability score infraprojects’; a quality mark for the infrastructure sector

Research |  December 9 2020
The infrasector, has great ambitions when it comes to making projects more sustainable. And the ability to make the distinction between more and less sustainable projects is crucial to this ambition. An exploratory study conducted by Nyenrode Business University on behalf of Dura Vermeer Infra BV, has resulted in a proposal for the content, feasibility and requirements for a quality mark for infrastructure projects.
Andre Nijhof ‘Purpose is easy, commitment is hard’

‘Purpose is easy, commitment is hard’

Opinion |  April 23 2020
Everything is in motion during times of crisis. But how do we find the right balance between adaptation to the here and now, nostalgia for the past and transformation towards the future?


Lidy Nebbeling-Kramer

Communications Advisor

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