Digital Business
Mastering digital business #LifeasaNyenrodian

Mastering digital business #LifeasaNyenrodian

Community |  November 3 2017
Full-time Master (MSc) in Management students reflect on their experience in the course Digital Business.
-content-presspage-com-uploads-865-500_businessit-12-jpg Digital transformation: taking charge

Digital transformation: taking charge

Education |  November 28 2016
When it comes to the business sector, digital transformation is not just a choice, but rather a necessity. That is what Dr. Ir. Wolter Lemstra reiterates, the core professor of Digital Strategy and Transformation – a course of the Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT. Lemstra: β€œAt one point or another, every organization will have to face digital transformation. So the best approach is to be adequately prepared.”


Lidy Nebbeling-Kramer

Communications Advisor

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