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EMBA deelnemers landgoed Is now a good time for an EMBA?

Is now a good time for an EMBA?

Community |  March 22 2021
The business world has become more complex, and job roles have become more dynamic and flexible. Especially with the Covid-19 virus. To succeed requires taking control, anticipation, building personal development in leadership, and information retrieval. Developing your career in this landscape means no only developing your leadership style, but also learning to base your management decisions on thorough academic rigor with the pursuit for practical relevance. Although the future is unclear, it still involves acting in advance working towards goals before achieving them. Undertaking an executive MBA (EMBA) can be a good way to do this.
Andre Nijhof ‘Purpose is easy, commitment is hard’

‘Purpose is easy, commitment is hard’

Opinion |  April 23 2020
Everything is in motion during times of crisis. But how do we find the right balance between adaptation to the here and now, nostalgia for the past and transformation towards the future?
-content-presspage-com-uploads-865-500_foodinnovation-1-jpg Global developments in the food economy: wonderful opportunity

Global developments in the food economy: wonderful opportunity

Education |  May 26 2017
Ruud Huirne has been appointed new core lecturer for the Global Food Economy module, part of the Modular MBA in Food & Innovation. Program director Henk Kievit is pleased about the appointment: “We are proud that Ruud Huirne is core lecturer for this module. With his broad background, experience and vision, he brings a great deal that participants can learn from.” Huirne is director Food & Agri at Rabobank and is convinced that the Netherlands can play an important role in the global food economy.


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