Commission of inquiry concludes: NNBS China trip complaints unfounded

Nyenrode New Business School Director Anton Busselman cleared

August 29 2016
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All the complaints about alleged irregularities during a Nyenrode New Business School (NNBS) study trip to China in May of this year, have been found to be unjustified by an independent commission of inquiry chaired by Prof. Dr. Emile Kolthoff. The findings of the inquiry entirely clear NNBS director Anton Busselman and the two co-accused teachers.

The inquiry was set up in response to a student’s complaint against Mr. Busselman alleging undesirable behavior, and a letter from several employees raising the issue of Mr. Busselman’s conduct and that of two teachers during the China trip. The independent commission investigated whether NNBS staff had indeed been guilty of undesirable behavior, or conduct which crossed a line. Mr. Busselman withdrew entirely during the investigation, to enable to commission to conduct its inquiry without hindrance.


In its report the commission declared the expressed complaints as ‘all unfounded’. The commission also noted ‘no other indications of behavior which crossed a line’. During the inquiry the three individuals concerned were interviewed by the commission. Also interviewed were the students who had submitted a complaint, the signatories to the letter, all the supervisors and a selection of students who had participated in the China trip. The commission conducted 34 interviews in total, in an inquiry lasting some two months. In consequence of the outcomes of the inquiry, the shareholder will enter into consultation with those who drew up the letter of complaint.


The outcome of the inquiry means that NNBS director Mr. Busselman was falsely accused of undesirable behavior, including improper treatment of the students. Mr. Busselman feels himself to have been vindicated by the findings of the inquiry. The accusations and the media attention he attracted caused him to go on sick leave. NNBS leadership will continue in the meantime under the acting director appointed at the beginning of June.

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