Jeroen Bijl and Jurriën van der Heijden new Nyenrode professors

March 24 2022

Recently Nyenrode Business Universiteit announced that as of September 2023 it will be possible to pursue a Master's in Fiscal Economics at the university. In preparation for the program to be introduced, Nyenrode has appointed two new professors: Professor Jeroen Bijl has been appointed professor of Indirect Taxation while Professor Jurriën van der Heijden RA has been appointed professor of Fiscal Economics & Tax Accounting. Both already give lectures at the Master Tax Law. This program, which was considered very good by Studychoice123, at Nyenrode overlaps a lot with the new Master program.  

Both new professors have extensive experience in the field and are enthusiastic about sharing their practical experience with students.

Bijl is also an Associate Partner at EY: "I like working at Nyenrode because I believe that as a scientist and teacher, not only should you master the theory, it’s also good to be familiar with the application and impact of laws and regulations. At Nyenrode Business Universiteit, researchers and lecturers often have extensive experience in the field. Not only are we assured of the highest quality in the theoretical field, the economic reality is also take into account.”

Economic reality

Bijl continues explaining economic reality: "[Economic reality] is becoming increasingly important in relation to taxation and adapting regulations to economic reality. This can be in terms of changing economic reality, for example, like the growing number of taxpayers working online and the related consequences for indirect taxes. Nyenrode offers me the best environment to work with these relevant developments at a high level.”

Current developments

Van der Heijden will focus on the fiscal-economic aspects of Dutch companies, whereby the relationship between tax law and accounting law is central in this respect. He also works for the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Administration) as a tax expert and accountant. Van der Heijden on his field: "There are various social and economic developments directly affecting my field of research, i.e. the profit determination of Dutch companies. Processing enormous expenditures on sustainability and energy transition, for example, or the taxability of corporate assets."

The chair suits him well, he says. "Also in light of current developments, there are many commonalities as well as differences between tax and commercial accounts that stand out. What is possible, what is required, and what is desired? I have been interested in these interfaces and their economic implications since I went to university, and I’m looking forward to doing more research on them at Nyenrode. It will be clarified in this chair the coherence and complexity of the economic, fiscal, and legal reality. It’s a great challenge to get to work on."

Job opportunities

When asked to respond to the appointment of the two professors, Professor Ruud Vergoossen RA, Corporate Reporting Finance & Tax Director, responded enthusiastically: "I’m very pleased with the appointments of Jeroen Bijl and Jurriën van der Heijden. I’m convinced they will contribute significantly to the expansion of our existing Master's Tax Law program and the new Master's program on Fiscal Economics starting September." He then continues about the Master Fiscal Economics: "The fact that this is a part-time course makes it very interesting for those already working in this sector, or those working in another sector who want to start a new career. Moreover, career opportunities for Fiscal Economists are very good at the moment."

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