Life inside the Incubator

May 13 2015

The Incubator at Nyenrode New Business School provides students and post-graduates with ultramodern equipment, as well as professional exposure to real business practices.

Magnus Deco

One of the latest student-run companies to take advantage of this space is Magnus Deco. According to team member Daan Teijsen, this is the place to go when you are in need of outdoor furniture.

“With a focus on restaurants, cafés and bars, our customers get to choose all the materials and extras themselves. We offer multiple types of wood for our furniture such as scaffold boards, wine barrels or Twinwood. This is a high-quality material manufactured out of recycled plastic. Not only are we the first company to use Twinwood, but it is a sustainable material and therefore contributes to our social responsibility in the world of business.

Lifestyle Avenue

Camieke Teunissen of Lifestyle Avenue is also making use of the Incubator: “Lifestyle Avenue targets students and professional women who perceive health and fitness training to be too expensive. Our aim is to change that perception by providing personalised fitness and nutrition packages based on a budget that our clients can afford.

“The ‘Working Women’ package, for example, is for people in full-time work or education that don’t have a lot of time. It offers everything from short workouts on video, lunchtime runs, to complete boot camps at weekends.

“Ultimately, we would like to bring together a community of like-minded women who are motivated to make changes in their lifestyle in order to reach their goals.”

Vidi Vici

Rolf Bolte of start-up company Vidi Vici explains why we should choose one of their high-quality business bags.

“Vidi Vici is a concept of exclusive high quality business bags that not only have sufficient space and comfort to transport all your belongings, but also are fashionable with a business appearance; suited to fit the lifestyle of our customers.”

“An important part of the vision of Vidi Vici is to improve working conditions for our manufacturers. In buying a Vidi Vici bag, the customer not only fulfils his or her own consumer desires but also contributes to our ‘Adopt a Factory’ concept, which guarantees to improve the working conditions in the supply chain of leather in India. Furthermore, part of the profit will be invested in educating underprivileged children in India.”

These examples are further proof of the Incubator providing a responsible, professional network for young, creative business people. It is a real opportunity for fledgling entrepreneurs to start up and grow a business idea.

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