Moving into 5 Keizers

June 11 2013
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A date has been set for Nyenrode New Business School’s eagerly anticipated move from the Weteringschans 165 to the creative heartbeat of the city—Keizersgracht 279-287. Associate-Dean Gert Meijer says: “Although we would have liked to have started this academic year at The 5 Keizers, at NNBS we are very optimistic the move will take place at the beginning of 2014.”

Whilst many businesses continue to move outside of the city limits, NNBS are bucking the trend. According to Associate-Dean Meijer, NNBS and new partners Study Group (a world leader in providing degree preparation education) will be able to accommodate an anticipated annual growth of 10-15 per cent at this new location in the heart of Amsterdam.

Having been in the unique position of being able to tell the renovators exactly what is needed inside the historical building, Associate-Dean Meijer says: “At NNBS we believe we are creating a state-of-the-art, socially responsible environment that is in line with our image and the message we want to get across. Not only does The 5 Keizers reflect our attitude, it offers students a space where they can be part of something successful.”

In the meantime, NNBS and Study Group have acquired the necessary extra space in their current location to continue to guarantee enough space for all students to study from 08:00 to 19:00, five days a week.

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