Nyenrode Business Universiteit expands in Amsterdam

International MBA moves from Breukelen to downtown Amsterdam

December 8 2016
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Starting in 2017, Nyenrode Business Universiteit is to offer study courses in Amsterdam. The International MBA will be moving from the Breukelen-based campus to De Vijf Keizers, a building complex on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, where Nyenrode New Business School (NNBS) is also located. Over the coming years, the Amsterdam site will be transformed into an annex of Nyenrode Business Universiteit, where other degree programs will also be offered. In the years ahead, for the Bachelor in Business studies, an expansion in BSc in Business Administration is anticipated. For the BBA New Business & Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Amsterdam, there will be a student stop as from 2018.

Nyenrode Business Universiteits Rector Prof. Misa Dzoljic had this to say: “As the economy picks up we are seeing growing opportunities in the Amsterdam city region. Employment prospects for graduates are improving and that can only be a good thing. Having a site in Amsterdam also enhances the international appeal of the university and speaks to new target groups keen to study in the capital. That's the reason why we're bringing the International MBA to Amsterdam as a first step. In 2017 we will decide on what degree programs, and perhaps also executive programs, we can offer from our Amsterdam site.”

Bachelor in Business
Nyenrode is banking on the expansion of the BSc in Business Administration degree course which started in 2016. For that reason, from 2018 onwards, there will be a student stop for the BBA New Business & Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Amsterdam. In so doing, Nyenrode is taking the next step in its strategy with Bachelor in Business courses at Nyenrode. Prof. Dzoljic: “When we took over the New Business School in 2010, our ultimate aim was to work towards a BSc which would complement our academic study portfolio. That is what we are now witnessing with the BSc in Business Administration which started this year, and we are counting on this growing. BBA New Business students in Amsterdam will continue to receive the excellent quality of education they expect from Nyenrode until the completion of their studies. The arrival of the International MBA in 2017 will enhance the international reputation of this location yet further.”

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