Nyenrode Business Universiteit conducts research into origins of N.O.I.B

April 25 2023

The board of Nyenrode Business Universiteit will conduct a factual investigation into the origins of the Nederlands Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland (N.O.I.B., predecessor of Nyenrode), including its founders. The research should answer the question as to what extent the founders allowed Dutch interests in the Dutch East Indies to play a role in the establishment of the N.O.I.B. in 1946. 

The research is expected to be completed in the next academic year (2024-2025). It is the intention that a professor in history, affiliated with another university, will lead the research. As soon as the research leader and final research question are known, these will be published on Nyenrode.nl.

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