Nyenrode Business University and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) partner to speed up digital transformation

4th industrial revolution requires more digital transformation capabilities to create a more resilient economy and more sustainable society

February 9 2021

Nyenrode Business University and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) today announced a partnership to boost digital transformation across industries. With this collaboration, Nyenrode and TCS aim to shape a generation of business leaders that can manage uncertainty in a rapidly changing world by leveraging the latest knowledge and embracing the possibilities that new technologies offer.

The partnership will be anchored around TCS’ Pace program which brings together a collaborative ecosystem of innovative start-ups, academia and businesses to foster innovation and digital transformation using next generation technologies. TCS & Nyenrode will work together with board members of European organisations to collaborate on futuristic topics.

Prof. dr. Désirée van Gorp, Chair of Nyenrode’s International Advisory Board:TCS and Nyenrode are maintaining a warm relationship since 2006 in which we worked together. We are excited to engage in a more structural collaboration on the topic of digital transformation. This is an important area of expertise for talent development at Nyenrode and will greatly benefit our students and the Nyenrode community at large resulting among others in joint publications and joint events focused on serving the business community by sharing relevant knowledge and experiences.”

Josu Devasia, Country Head, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Netherlands: “I am very excited to partner with Nyenrode on this crucial topic of digital transformation. Today, practically every industry is being disrupted by companies that have a digital first mindset. On top of that, as a global society, we deal with a lot of big challenges, ranging from sustainability, to challenges in healthcare. Developing more talent and more knowledge on digital transformation is crucial in building a more resilient economy as well as a more sustainable world.”

The collaboration will focus on topics that are currently shaping the future of industries, including joint events, research, publications and internship assignments on:

  • Future of finance: How CFOs can disrupt industries using Digital Finance
  • Digital workplaces: Radical changes driven by the evolving nature of workplace and the way users consume digital services
  • Sustainability: How enterprise can achieve UN & European Green Deal targets using digital forces
  • Changing dynamics of financial Services: Retail Banking, Commercial and SMB Banking, Digital Insurance and Pensions
  • Future of Mobility: New business models in the C2B and B2B sector and its impact across society

As part of the collaboration, Nyenrode students will get the opportunity to join TCS’ European Pace internship program. After successful completion, students have a possibility to pursue career opportunities, for instance via TCS’ Grow@TCS European trainee program. Anticipating on this partnership, Nyenrode Master students in “Innovation & Digitalization” pitched their visions on various topics at TCS’ innovation hub, TCS Pace Port Amsterdam, in November. 10 of them will be starting their internships in the new year.

Furthermore, TCS staff will have the opportunity to complete Master Classes and Executive Education programs at Nyenrode business university.

Structural Collaboration

By building this structural collaboration, TCS and Nyenrode intend to build a closer connection between academic research and digital transformation in business, leading to more highly skilled local talent in digital transformation for European businesses. By sharing knowledge, organizing joint events and conferences, and creating joint publications, both partners strive to further increase awareness and ownership of digital transformation in business board rooms to build a stronger, more competitive European economy throughout and beyond the 4th industrial revolution.

Building a sustainable partnership

Nyenrode has a long-standing academic research focus in the areas of finance, supply chain, sustainability, organizational leadership, change management, entrepreneurship and more and more on digital transformation.

TCS is one of the world leading companies that delivers pioneering business solutions in the field of financial and IT business consulting.

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