‘Nyenrode feels as if it is an additional family.’

‘I feel that it is wonderful to give someone the opportunity to study here and to make a leap to a great career’, Gayle van Beeten says. ‘For Nyenrode too, it is important that its campus houses students of various backgrounds. That is why I included Nyenrode Fund in my will in order to make scholarships possible. ‘When you have died, you cannot spend your money anymore anyway and this way, I can still make an impact.’

Nalatenschapscampagne - Maak een impact op uw alma mater met Stichting Nynrode Fonds in uw testament - Gayle van Beeten - interview

Once a Nyenrodean, always a Nyenrodean is a well-known saying among alumni. This is also true for Gayle. She experienced Nyenrode as a master student, employee, masterclass participant and coach for master students. As a donor of the Nyenrode Fund, she claimed a chair in De Rooij 104, thus financially supporting the university in modernizing its lecture rooms. It is still in the distant future for the 31-year old alumna, but her final statement of support has been planned already: an inheritance.

Nyenrode an additional family

In 2012, Gayle graduated as a Master of Science in Management. Gayle: ‘I am looking back on a wonderful period in my life. You get to know many different people with the same drive. Here, I have discovered my own strengths. Supported by my roles in De Bijstand, Collegie tot de Disputeringhe, Geestelijcke Welstand and the Heeren V Garden Party Committee, I developed my leadership qualities. I am still in regular contact with my fellow students of that year. For me, Nyenrode feels as if it is an additional family.’


From student to employee


During her Master studies, Gayle was a socially engaged student, but after the graduation cap landed on her head, she remained involved in her alma mater. After a talk with Heleen van Hall (20070509), she joined the Nyenrode staff as Corporate Relations Manager. ‘I connected the various blood types of Nyenrode’, says Gayle. ‘I worked for everyone, ranging from students and participants to various employees. I enthused the latter group about campus life, for instance. I really enjoyed the connecting part of my job.’

Coach for students

Afterwards, she widened her horizon as a freelance consultant in the field of change management. ‘I enjoy finding out what can be done better and quicker without quality loss. Attention for people is a very important element in this. As a consultant, I coached managers. Therefore, it was a logical step for me to become a Peer Group Coach for the Master program. I know what students are going through and, at the same time, I can think ahead and put things into perspective. Helping people who are at the start of their careers gives me energy. For me, that is not much of an effort.’

Making an impact

Gayles’ mother urged her to make a will, because it is important to have this settled in case it is necessary. And what if you die with your entire family in a car accident? What will happen to your money then? ‘In my will, I have included the persons and goals that will receive something from me. I went to a local notary and arranged it. It is a lot easier than it seems. You cannot spend it anyway after you have died and this way, you can give someone else a chance.’
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