Discovering the Puzzle of Energy #LifeasaNyenrodian

October 22 2017

"Discovering the Puzzle of Energy with Industry Leaders through the St. Petersburg Gas Forum"
By: Andre Tjahyana, Anton van de Weg, Rick Stigter -
Full-time MSc In Management Students at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. 

This October, we were given the opportunity to represent Nyenrode Business Universiteit at the Youth Day of the 3rd St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. The Youth Day was set in St. Petersburg’s Expoforum and featured a three-day program that was highlighted by a one-day case competition. During the event, we surged into a deep dive in the global natural gas industry.

To be able to participate in the Youth Day, applicants were assigned a small case about global market prospects of Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG. Only ten Dutch applicants could join the event, making the assignment a serious endeavor. The best five Dutch applicants would participate in the case contest against the other national case teams, the other five joined as forum participants. All three of us fulfilled the Nyenrodian expectations, successfully passing the selection procedure.

Case study

Subsequently, the Dutch case team planned some meetings in Groningen at the Energy Delta Institute. There, we worked on a more extensive and in-depth research on potential LNG markets, using India’s LNG potential as a case study. This case was to be presented in St. Petersburg during the Youth Day.

In the first day of the event, we took part in a set of workshops about the LNG industry, with subjects ranging from design thinking to mergers & acquisitions. These workshops were facilitated by specialists in the field, with professors from the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and experts from major LNG firms such as Gazprom and Total.

On the day of the case contest, we were finally given the opportunity to present our work. The competition came from five other countries: Russia, Germany, France, Bolivia and China. The presentations were held while sitting, which gave the venue a very professional feel. The jury comprised of executives from the LNG industry. Competition was fierce, with many different approaches to the case. France went home as number one!


To conclude the forum, we attended the plenary session, a presentation from top executives from various countries. They presented their vision on the global LNG outlook, the role of their company and/or their country. Additionally, a session was held to ask questions to CEO's in an off-tie meeting with all Youth Day participants.

Looking back at the event, we had: a first-hand experience in the global natural gas industry, a unique opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts and not to forget a splendid involvement in the Russian culture. The forum ‘lit-up’ our interest in the natural gas industry, and it gave us some deeper insights in related topics: sustainability issues, political barriers and economic boundaries to the industry.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank the Youth Day organisation, UNECON, SPIGF and its sponsors, the case contest jury, workshop facilitators, off-tie meeting CEOs, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Energy Delta Institute and all participants of the youth day to make the event a great experience! Next year, the Youth Day is will be held again. We would definitely encourage other students to apply!

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