Students at Nyenrode are highly satisfied with the strong practical orientation of their education

Students appreciate the guidance and involvement of our faculty, as well as the inspiring learning environment

July 7 2023

Students at Nyenrode Business University are once again highly satisfied with their education, as shown in the recent National Student Survey (NSE) conducted by Studiekeuze123. Like in previous years, our students have expressed their appreciation for the strong practical orientation of their programs. This year, nearly 800 students from our degree programs participated in the survey.

Outstanding programs

The students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and the Master of Science in Management programs express high satisfaction, as evidenced by an impressive appreciation score of 4.1.

Atmosphere and practical guidance

What sets Nyenrode apart is its unique atmosphere and the practical guidance provided. Students have indicated their appreciation for the support and involvement of our faculty, as well as the inspiring learning environment.

"We strive to provide personalized education in small groups, incorporating both in-person and online/hybrid formats into the overall learning experience," said Barbara Majoor, Vice Rector Magnificus at Nyenrode Business University. "In addition to imparting the right knowledge and skills, we also attach great importance to the personal development of each individual student. This recognition of our efforts motivates us to continuously strive for excellent educational experiences."

Preparation for professional careers

The strong practical orientation of Nyenrode's programs makes them relevant for students' future careers. Developing practical skills and leadership qualities is a valuable addition to their studies at Nyenrode. Students appreciate the faculty, many of whom are still active in the business world.

Future improvements

At Nyenrode, we are constantly striving for improvement. We take our students' feedback seriously and will thoroughly examine the results and focus areas identified in the NSE. Our goal is to create an environment in which every student can thrive and develop to their fullest potential.

The power of NSE results

The NSE results play an important role in enhancing our education. They provide insights that help us strengthen the quality and relevance of our programs. Our goal is to create an environment where every student can grow optimally and be challenged to become a responsible leader.

The National Student Survey is a national survey in which students give their opinion about their program every year. The students are questioned on various themes, such as content and structure, study facilities and the connection to professional practice.

Click here for an extensive report (in dutch) on the website of Studiekeuze123.

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