Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

In short

  • Breukelen
  • August 12 2019
  • Three years
  • 40 hours per week
  • Full-time on campus
  • English
  • € 19,950 per year

Now also in Amsterdam!

Did you know that we also offer our Bachelor (BSc) in Business Administration in Amsterdam from August 2020? Take a peek at our Keizersgracht location. More information will follow soon, keep an eye on the website.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Three-year full-time academic Bachelor based at the Nyenrode campus, includes leadership development, an active student association and sports.

Do you have the ambition to play a leading role in tomorrow's business world? Then our three-year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration could be for you! Our intensive program is aimed at your leadership development. With us, you work on your analytical and leadership skills and on building your character. You study, exercise and live at the Nyenrode campus, together with your fellow students. All this makes your time at Nyenrode an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Your time at Nyenrode

Our priority is the maximum development of your leadership skills. Not just by working on your academic knowledge, but also through sports and by using your organizational and leadership skills within the student association. Additionally, you will gain international experience through the international exchange program, your international fellow students and the wider Nyenrode Community. Because of the intensive contact with your peers, you will build a network of friends for life.

Your fellow students

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration attracts proactive, ambitious, sociable and enterprising students from all over the world. You work in small groups of a maximum of 35 students. And thanks to our selection process, you can be sure the program and the group match your expectations.

You will form a unique bond with your fellow students as a result of living together in an intimate setting and being part of an active student association, which help you cultivate strong personal and organizational skills.

Best Business and Economy Bachelor and #1 study program the Netherlands

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration has received 4.7 out of 5 stars from students at, making it the highest scoring business and economy bachelor in the Netherlands.

Keuzegids, the only independent study guide that critically evaluates Bachelor programs, ranked the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration again as the number one study program in the Netherlands and the best Bachelor in International Business.Topopleiding zegel 2019 ENG


Interested in the program and eager to get more information? Don't hesitate to visit the upcoming event.

  • Personal attention
  • Intense campus life with an active Student Association
  • Focus on leadership development


Admission and application

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration starts every year in mid-August.
Unfortunately, there are no more places available for the start of August 2019. Are you interested in starting the BScBA next year, 2020? Or do you have any other questions? Please feel free to contact us.

The admission requirements are:

  • Dutch highschool diploma including math (pre-university level) or an international diploma equivalent to the Dutch Highschool diploma*
  • Since the BScBA is an English taught program, your level of English must be sufficient (guideline: TOEFL 90+ or IELTS 6.5).
    * We will evaluate your diploma on an individual basis. Please provide an academic transcript with a diploma supplement explaining your country's grading system in your application package if possible. 

The application process is as follows:

  1. Request the application form (use Adobe Acrobat) and fill it out completely

    Carefully fill out the application form. Submitting a motivation letter and a (provisional) list of grades is an important part of the application form. Make sure to take your time to write the motivation letter and submit all the documents on time. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    After evaluation, you will hear if you will be invited to join the admission exam and interview.
  2. Take the admission exam (LTP test) - upon invitation.
  3. Take part in an interview (Skype is possible) - upon invitation.

In order to assess your complete application we look at your motivation, your test scores, your personality and previous international activities. We may also ask you to take an English language test.

Continuing your studies from a Dutch college

If you have received 60 or more ECTs from a Dutch college/university of applied science, you may also apply. You need English CERF level B2 and a sufficient level of Math.

Selection process

For this program we only have a limited number of places available. Therefore an at-the-gate selection procedure is in place, where we make a selection out of all the applicants.

We already start with allocating places before the first of March. Should you decide to submit your application right before the final application deadline, take into account that there are only a few places left. Don't miss out on a chance to study at Nyenrode and apply in time to claim your spot.

Once you submitted your application, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. Directly admitted to the course (only possible until 1 March)
  2. Conditional admission: you are placed on the student ranking list until further evaluation and selection, due to late admission (after 1 March) or in case you're not directly admitted after the first selection round
  3. Your application is denied: you don't meet the program requirements

Application deadline

The application deadlines for this course are:

  • First application deadline: 1 March 2019.
    Students who apply before 1 March will hear whether they are directly admitted to the program or not.
  • After 1 March, all applicants are placed on a student ranking list .
  • After 1 June, a selection of the student ranking list will be allocated a spot in the program.

Final application deadline

Allstudents: 1 July 2019
International non-EU/EEA students are advised to apply as soon as possible in order to complete their visa arrangements in time.

The program will start on 12 August 2019.

*By signing up for this program, you agree with the terms and conditions of Nyenrode and the rules and regulations of the program.


How does the student ranking list work?
  • You are placed on the student ranking list if you:
  • Your position on the ranking list is based on your admission results: submitted documents, LTP-test results & interview outcome.
  • The student ranking list is volatile, as there are more applicants added to the ranking list over time. Therefore, your position on the student ranking list is subject to change.
  • We start allocating places to students from the student ranking list as from 1 June onwards.

What are you going to do?

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is completely focused on your academic and leadership development. As well as attending classes on business, you hone your debating and writing skills and acquire insight in subjects like trend watching and innovation. 

Academic skills

Students acquire solid academic capabilities as the program focuses on the development of research and analytical skills. Learn to think critically, use problem-solving techniques and put taught theory directly into practice.

Company Project

Commencing at the start of your second year, the Company Project is meant to use your skills in practice. You choose between starting your own company, a consultancy project or social entrepreneurship. You receive help and coaching from your teachers, fellow students, Nyenrode alumni and members of staff.

International exchange

In the third year you spend a semester at one of our partner universities abroad. Develop an international mindset, get acquainted with different cultures and create an international network for life.


You play sports at least four times a week, as we believe that having sports integrated in our program stimulates teamwork, learning from peers and a healthy body and mind; in short, it builds character.

Personal development

During your entire time with us you are on your Personal Development Journey, challenging yourself to expand your abilities and experiences. Moreover, you get to work on your own leadership skills.

What are the costs?

From August 2019 the fees for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration are as follows:

  • Tuition fee: € 19,950 per year (excluding study books and NCV membership)
  • Furnished shared room of about € 320 per month.


For talented students with limited financial resources there are a number of possibilities to (partly) finance your studies:

Scholarships eligible for all students to apply:

  • Revolving Scholarship* - Stichting Nyenrode Fonds (or Nyenrode Fund) offers students the opportunity to apply for one of the scholarships (of maximum € 10,000 per year) that will be made available by Nyenrode alumni. Somewhere during your career you give back to the fund by offering a scholarship to a new Nyenrode student yourself. For more info about the application process and criteria, click here.
  • Program Scholarships* - Nyenrode offers a number of scholarships each year for students with special motivations and backgrounds (of maximum € 10,000 per year). Would you like to know more? Contact one of our program advisors via

* Please note that it is possible to apply for both scholarships and to combine them. You may use the same motivation letter and financial plan.

Scholarships only for specific nationalities or loans for Dutch students:
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship - For students with the following nationalities: Chinese, Mexican, South Korean, Vietnamese. The scholarships worth € 10,000 tuition fee discount per year.
  • The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration is a recognized degree program, which makes it possible for students with a Dutch nationality or EU/EEA citizens to apply for student financing through DUO in many cases. Contact DUO to discuss your personal options.

What will you get out of it?

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will open up a world of possibilities for you. It allows you to continue to study for a master's degree – to broaden or deepen your business knowledge.

Further, you will be more than ready to start your business career, even internationally! And having focused on your personal leadership, starting our own company as an entrepreneur is another possibility. You will practice doing so in the second-year Company Project.

You shape your own future!

International students

If you choose to study the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Nyenrode, you will get something unique. You combine a vibrant campus life with the benefits of living in the Netherlands.

Events at Nyenrode for internationals

Don't hesitate to join one of our events for internationals. We offer events such as the Experience Weekend, the Business Game or the Open Day XL. During these events you're able to stay over on campus, so you can fully experience what studying at Nyenrode is all about.
You also get the opportunity to take the admissions test and interview upon arrival. That way you're able to arrange all the practical matters in one go.

Studying at Nyenrode

We give our students a lot of personal attention. And as an international student, your personal well-being is at the fore-front of your teachers' and other staff members' attention. This is apparent from the staff's open-door policy and the support you will receive from program management and study counselors. Moreover, you become part of campus life straight away. Learn more about the Nyenrode Campus.

Campus life

At the Nyenrode campus, you live with international students from around the world. They are all students of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or the full-time Master of Science in Management. Within the Student Association the Nyenrode United Committee takes care of the international students' integration in the Nyenrode community. We also provide free Dutch classes for interested students.

Transferring to Nyenrode

Based on the classes you have taken in your current program or course, you may be able to transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Nyenrode. We do recommend you start our course from the first year, allowing you to follow the same path as your fellow students. We are happy to help you in any way we can, please contact us for personalized advice.

Studying in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has traditionally been an internationally oriented country, housing a large international community. This makes living here easy for international students. Studying in the Netherlands has many benefits, such as:

  • A high educational standard and great value for money.
  • 95% of the Dutch population speak English.
  • The Netherlands is one of the safest and happiest countries in the world.
  • Ample travel opportunities to the rest of Europe; Paris, Brussels, London or Berlin are only hours away.
  • A lot of international career opportunities.
  • After graduation you can start your career in the Netherlands; you can get a one-year visa to find a job.
Also take a look at our international flyer for more facts and details on studying at Nyenrode.


Nyenrode sends and welcomes students from all over the world!

In the third and final year of our BScBA program, our students spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. In return, students from these partner universities make their way to our campus in Breukelen for a unique experience as an exchange student in the Netherlands. This could be you!

What does a study exchange at Nyenrode entail?

  • Visit Nyenrode as a study exchange student from a partner university or as a “free mover”.
  • Make a selection of courses from the BSc in Business Administration program that interest you. Not sure which courses to take? Your home university can help you create a tailor-made curriculum based on their requirements.
  • Enjoy student life on campus amidst a beautiful 13th-century estate in Breukelen.
    • 20 minutes from Amsterdam (Dutch capital, a dynamic cultural and entrepreneurial hub)
    • 10 minutes from Utrecht (one of the largest student cities, right in the heart of the Netherlands)
  • All students live on campus, so there’s no need to worry about housing.
  • Be part of our unique and tight-knit Nyenrode community and make friends and international connections for life.

Would you like to know if your university is part of our partner network? Or are you curious about the course list? Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

Important dates

Online nomination deadline for partner institutions: April 2019
Online application deadline for incoming students: May 2019

More information

Also take a look at our Exchange page for more information about exchange at Nyenrode.

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