The 5 Keizers within our sights

December 13 2013
About Nyenrode
The eagerly anticipated move to a new and exciting location in the heart of Amsterdam’s creative and entrepreneurial centre is an ambition waiting to be fulfilled. Comprising of 2,750m² of study space, this incredible building will inspire generations of students and staff who have made the decision to be part of Nyenrode New Business School’s future.

Dean Timo Timmerman explains: “We at Nyenrode New Business School want to create a unique learning environment that challenges the current state of affairs. Whilst the trend in education is towards individual study in electronic environments, we are focusing on face-to-face learning in the ambience of Amsterdam’s Jordaan district.”

The move to the 5 Keizers is the fulfilment of an ambition for Nyenrode New Business School. Associate-Dean Gert Meijer adds: “Having grown very quickly into what is now a thriving business school, we have the opportunity to apply our principles of entrepreneurship, creativity and responsible business practice in the heartbeat of the creative and entrepreneurial community.”

Students and real businesses will be encouraged to work together and create new and exciting opportunities in all of the 5 Keizers many study areas. With open-plan project spaces, spacious classrooms and private study areas, where students can really focus, the concept we have chosen is both for now and for the future.

The 5 Keizers synthesis of classic and modern also has a Business Lounge for meeting and networking, an Incubator, where students can work together with postgraduates, a 220²m garden area in which to relax, and in the beletage – a spatial concept unique to some of Amsterdam’s monumental buildings – ample teaching areas, and project spaces.

The move to Keizersgracht 279-287 will be completed over the course of this month, and the New Year will see the doors opening for students and lecturers. A festive inauguration ceremony will be held on March 6th in the afternoon, the official start of  a new chapter in Nyenrode New Business School’s history. More details will follow soon.

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