Include Nyenrode in your will

Was your time at Nyenrode a life changing experience? For alumna Gayle van Beeten it certainly was. "This is where I discovered my own strengths," says Gayle. "Nyenrode feels like an extra family to me." She thought ahead and included Nyenrode Fund in her will. Alumnus Jelle van der Meer also sees the importance to include Nyenrode in his will. "There are so many great things that Nyenrode can do with my contribution, I can't take it with me and that's how I can help to make a difference."


Stay in touch

Sometimes alumni decide to include Nyenrode Fund in their will without us knowing.  We are incredibly grateful for that, but would love to know about it. That way, we could keep you informed about developments of our beautiful university. 

More information

Would you like more information about including Nyenrode in your will? Please contact the Nyenrode Fund via nf@nyenrode.nl for personal advice.



Heleen van Hall

Heleen van Hall

Alumni Relations, External Relations & Fundraising