Through research, Nyenrode Business University aims to empower leaders and companies to shape the sustainability transition. Support our research and contribute to a sustainable future.

Research for a sustainable future

Nyenrode believes in business as a 'force for good', recognizing that the actions of every company impact people, the environment, and society. That's why Nyenrode is committed to conducting research that contributes to the sustainability of business, the advancement of a sustainable economy, and knowledge that equips leaders to steer their organizations towards a sustainable future.

Be a part of something bigger

Your support for our research is more than just a donation, it's a partnership in shaping the world we want to see. With your help, we're able to continue strengthening the academic foundation of our university, and train the next generation of leaders in sustainability.

Nurture the talents of tomorrow

Our projects not only drive progress in sustainability, but also provide opportunities for young, promising researchers to take their first steps in their scientific careers. By supporting us, you're giving them the chance to make a real impact on the world.

Join the movement

Nyenrode is a private university, and as such, we rely on the support of individuals, companies and foundations to fund our research. With your contribution, you're helping us pave the way towards a sustainable future, and creating new insights that enrich our education.

At Nyenrode, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle the biggest challenges of our time, but without your support, our work would not be possible. Together, we can make a real difference in the world. Every gift, no matter how big or small, makes an impact. Let's shape the future of sustainability together. Ways to contribute.


Michiel Munneke

Michiel Munneke

Director Development