(Pre-)Master of Science in Accountancy | part-time

Amsterdam, Breukelen
1 September 2022
June 15th, 2022
3 years
12-20 hours
every Friday
€ 7000,- (paid by employer)

Are you interested in working for one of the larger accountancy firms, or are you already working here? Are you looking for a part-time, English-language program, and do you have a relevant (financial/economic) educational background? Then this program is for you! 

The MSc in Accountancy is a hands-on, fully English-language accountancy part-time program given at university level that will turn you into a broad assurance professional. With this program you will gain the Dutch title of RA, while working at one of the larger accountancy firms in the Netherlands. 

What's in it for me? 

  • An MSc title: with work experience at one of the larger accountancy firms

  • The only English-language part-time Pre-Master to Post-Master program in the Netherlands 

  • A valuable network; personal and professional growth 

  • Access to the part-time 1.5-2-year post-Master RA 

  • Close link between theory and practice 

Are you interested in this program as an employer? Please reach out to Myrthe Bon (m.bon@nyenrode.nl).


Would you like to make impact on society?

Become a chartered accountant! After gaining the English-language Master of Science in Accountancy you can start on the Post-Master RA, which is also given as an English-language, part-time program. To gain the RA title you follow a three-year on-the-job training program in parallel with the academic program.   

Developments in the field of accountancy are creating a growing need for accountants with strong principles, good social skills, and valuable professional expertise: accountants who can keep their backs straight in complex situations. To ensure that you can become this accountant of the future, Nyenrode stimulates you to develop a professional attitude, including the ability to critically assess yourself and the interests of the client. Various methods, including verbal exams, are used to help you become a valuable discussion partner within an accountancy firm. 

Your own development is our priority. It focuses on five areas: 1. Professional training, 2. Academic training, 3. Practical training, 4. Societal awareness training, and 5. Personal development 

  1. Professional training: the development of professional knowledge 

  2. Academic training: the development of an investigative and critical attitude and an autonomous capacity for judgment 

  3. Practical training: hands-on experience of the application of knowledge in practice and in cases  

  4. Societal awareness training: learning to give meaning to your societal role as an accountant 

  5. Personal development: learning to find your own path, develop your own moral compass, and take your own responsibilities 

Our attention to these areas is not limited to the lecture topics; study coaches are always available. 



In the Pre-Master phase of the Accountancy studies you attend lectures in the core subject areas of Auditing, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Internal Control & Accounting Information Systems. Close attention is also given to book-keeping, research skills, and statistics, as well as your own personal growth and development. The Master’s program concludes with a thesis for which you carry out academic research related to one of the main course subjects. 

An overview of the courses* taught during the (Pre-)Master of Science in Accountancy: 

  • Professional Leadership Development Journey
  • Auditing Theory
  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Business Research Methods
  • Business Statistics in Practice
  • Financial Accounting Theory
  • Business Information Systems Theory 
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping

*list subject to change 

In the first year the focus will be on the three core areas: Auditing, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Internal Control & Accounting Information Systems (also covering IT). The second year prepares you for the writing of your Master’s thesis. 

Applying for an MSc in Accountancy 

You can now apply for intake in August/September 2022.  The application deadline is 9 AM, 15 June 2022.  

When you meet the admission criteria, hand-in your application as soon as possible to secure a place. You may also submit an application if you do not yet have all the necessary documents to meet the admission criteria: a diploma can be submitted later. 

An intake interview is part of the procedure.  

Note: you are personally responsible for your application to join this program, and for submitting the documents required for admission. This process does not take place through your employer or through the educational institute you are currently attending. We reserve the right to withdraw this program for the given year.

What are the admission requirements? 

You are eligible to apply for an MSc in Accountancy if you have a relevant (financial/economic) educational background at a Nuffic-approved Bachelor’s degree level or higher. You must also be able to demonstrate adequate proficiency in the English language by means of a TOEFL (91+), IELTS (6.5) or Cambridge Advanced (C1) certificate. 

This program is primarily intended for students who are not able to follow the Dutch-language program. 

You will first complete a Pre-Master’s course before starting the Master’s program.  

Working at an accountancy firm 

For this program it is important that you work at one of the larger internationally-oriented accountancy firms. If you are not already doing so, but would like to, get in touch with our program adviser Lidy Coolen (l.coolen@nyenrode.nl) to discuss the possibilities.  


If you have a specific question about the application and intake process for the (Pre-)Master of Science in Accountancy program, it may be answered in the FAQ: just click on the FAQ tab. 

*By applying for this program you are agreeing with Nyenrode’s current terms and conditions and the rules and regulations for this program. 

What are the costs?

The accountancy firm where you work, or where you will work, usually pays for the cost of your studies, as well as your salary. Make clear arrangements about this with your employer in advance. Agreements about paying for your study is in most cases included in your employment contract, along with descriptions of your rights and responsibilities. 

  • Tuition fees for the Pre-Master are about €7000 (for a nominal study period) 

  • Tuition fees for the Master are about €7000 per year (for a nominal study period) 

  • Tuition fees for the post-Master are about €9000 per year (for a nominal study period) 

  • The cost of study literature is €600 to €700 per study phase (Pre-Master, Master or Post-Master) 

  • Registration costs are €265 per study year 

The tuition fees include registration costs and exam costs (except any retakes). 


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the application process. 

To apply for the Pre-Master, select the ‘Apply’ tab and click on the green ‘Apply’ button. 

Clicking on ‘apply online’ will open a form that you can fill in. You will then receive an email containing a link to our application portal in Osiris, where you can complete your application and submit it officially. Once you have done so, you will get another email confirming receipt of your application. Make sure you go through all these steps, or your application will be incomplete. 

Note: the application deadline is 1 June 2022 (although later application may be possible, by arrangement). Part of the process is the verification of your account. You can verify this account by logging into the application portal again or using the link you received by email (make sure this email did not land in your spam box). 

Applications are currently being accepted for intake in September 2022. The deadline for these applications is 15 June 2022 (later application may be possible, by arrangement). Please make your application as soon as possible to be sure of a place (provided you meet the admission criteria). 
You will need a relevant (financial/economic) educational background at Nuffic-approved Bachelor’s degree level or higher, and proof of your command of the English language: a TOEFL (91+), IELTS (6.5) or Cambridge Advanced (C1) certificate or higher.

A foreign diploma makes you eligible if this diploma is at an acceptable level. To determine whether this is the case, your diploma has to be evaluated by Nuffic. This evaluation will establish your diploma equivalence to the Dutch counterparts. The purpose of this evaluation is to give you the best possible advice on which exam program would suit you best. 

Arranging a diploma evaluation 
There are two ways to arrange a diploma evaluation: 

  • you can request one yourself, directly from Nuffic; or 

  • with your approval, our program management team can submit a request on your behalf, sharing the necessary information with Nuffic. This could be a copy of your diploma and the grades list, but it could also be an interim list naming all your study subjects and study points so far. Naturally, the name of the school and the course must also be given.  

A Nuffic request takes 7 days. As soon as we have received the results from Nuffic we will give you advice on the basis of its findings. 

Are there any attached costs? 

No, if we handle the Nuffic request on your behalf there are no attached costs. 

To complete an official application you will need to submit the following documents: 

  • a certified copy of your diploma 

  • a certified copy of your grades list 

  • if necessary, a Dutch or English translation of the grades list 

  • a Nuffic evaluation (which we can arrange on your behalf) 

  • a certificate showing that you possess the minimum necessary level of proficiency in the English language (TOEFL 91+, IELTS 6.5 or Cambridge Advanced C1). A variety of providers are entitled to award these certificates 

  • any other relevant documents, such as a residence permit 

If you are unable to submit certified documents, it is also acceptable to submit the original diploma and the original grades list. We can then copy and certify these documents ourselves. 

No, your employer does not dispatch your application – you are personally responsible for your application, and for submitting the documentation needed to show your eligibility. 
No, it is not possible to enter Nyenrode’s Master in Accountancy straight from a Bachelor’s degree from another college or university. You have to complete the Pre-Master program first. Everyone takes the same Pre-Master’s course, and no exemptions are given for this phase of the program. 
The Pre-Master course follows a standard program, and it is therefore not possible to request individual exemptions.
We expect to start with a Kick-Off at the end of August 2022. The lectures begin in September, on Fridays.  

There is a maximum period of registration for each phase in the program (Pre-Master, Master and Post-Master). This means that you have to successfully complete all the courses in the program within that period, or your registration is canceled. 
For the Pre-Master the maximum period of registration is 36 months. For the Master program it is 6 years.   

There is also a threshold for transfer to the following phase. The exact conditions will be published in the 2022-2023 Study Guide, which is currently in preparation.  

An application to join the Pre-Master course can be canceled at no cost until 1 August 2022. After this date the rules listed in ‘Financial consequences of course cancellation and discontinuation of study’, as included in the 2022-2023 Study Guide, apply. This means that: 

  • For all courses, the whole of the course fee is due if cancellation takes place on or after the start date of the course.
  • If cancellation takes place in the four-week period immediately prior to the start date of the course, then a cancellation fee of €150 per course is due. 

Note: the start date of a course is the expiry date of its (first) payment period. 

In this program it is important that you work at a larger, internationally oriented accountancy firm. If you are still looking for this position, get in touch with our program adviser Lidy Coolen (l.coolen@nyenrode.nl) to discuss the possibilities.
the developments around Covid-19 and the measures being taken to contain it. Our principal concern is that students are able to continue their studies normally as far as possible. Our objective is to give in-person education wherever possible, and where necessary we will offer digital alternatives. We naturally follow the guidelines given by the Dutch government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), and we will keep you informed of any relevant developments.