Research and Education with Impact

Faculty members showcase the impact they have on society, the business world, and our students.

Practical solutions for real-life challenges 

The Nyenrode faculty focuses on research with real life impact and education which impacts our students. This is also reflected in Nyenrode’s purpose: ‘serving society by shaping responsible leaders’.  

To ‘shape responsible leaders’, we believe in training students and participants in academic thinking, and to ‘serve society’ our research should have a measurable impact on society. 

Impact cases are short cases that are easy to read by a large audience and represent a portfolio of research around a central theme. In line with Nyenrode’s LES values, we have grouped the Impact Cases into Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship and we are looking for an impact on society in the broadest sense of the word. In addition, there is a fourth category for Educational Innovation, as our most direct stakeholders are our students and participants in our Executive Education programs. 

A new Impact Case is added every month that shows how our faculty members have made an impact on society or our students. We are proud to present 'Research and education with impact'.

The impact cases are divided in four categories