Research with Impact: Leadership

Impact cases

At Nyenrode, we understand Leadership as “developing a vision and taking responsibility for it by inspiring people, connecting them and acting on it yourself.”

This understanding can be translated to leadership across and within organizations. Across organizations, leadership is the ability to recognize the diverse needs and perspectives of the multitude of internal and external stakeholders involved in the organization’s broader environment. By taking these contradictory needs into consideration, leaders take decisions that benefit multiple bottom lines. A leader recognizes when he or she can add value and has the courage to take the lead in complex situations. A leader is also able to recognize when it is best to step aside and let others take the leading role. By making room for others, the leader does not, however, forego his or her duty to actively contribute and act responsibly.

Within organizations, leadership is translated to giving sense to others about how their activities contribute to a common goal. It is about inspiring people to be adaptive and to encourage them to speak up and voice ideas, also those that challenge the status quo. Nyenrode’s education and research ambitions focus on shaping individuals to be responsible leaders at all levels within organizations. It requires the ability for self-reflection and personal growth, and recognizing the beliefs, values and needs of others.

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