Prof. dr. ir. Anke van Hal

Hal, Anke van
  • Making existing homes and neighborhoods more sustainable
  • Creating enthusiasm for sustainability
When the interests of all those involved, directly and sometimes indirectly, are taken seriously, the chance of developing a healthy sustainable business case increases significantly.

Prof. dr. ir. Anke van Hal is Professor Sustainable Building at Nyenrode Business University. She is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship.

In parallel, she was also Professor of Sustainable Housing Transformation at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology for ten years. She developed a method aimed at increasing enthusiasm for sustainability (the Fusion of Interests Perspective) which comprises the bulk of her work. Her main interest is the challenge of (sustainable) transformation of existing housing and neighborhoods. In this context, she initiated the knowledge platform HomeMates. This platform calls attention to 'the third success factor' of energy-friendly renovation processes (besides affordable costs and well-functioning technology). Her recent research also focuses primarily on this 'third success factor'.

Van Hal has spent a lot of time in Canada.  Amongst others, she taught at Ryerson University in Toronto. Inspired by her Canadian experiences, in recent years she has focused her attention specifically on vulnerable neighborhoods with the goal of using the energy transition to natural gas-free neighborhoods as a lever to improve the overall quality of life in such neighborhoods.

In 1989, she graduated from the Department of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. She received her PhD on a thesis titled "Beyond the demonstration project, the diffusion of environmental innovations in housing". She wrote several books and many articles and blogs.

The Fusion of Interests perspective, developed in the construction industry, has proven to be widely applicable. Van Hal is therefore a core lecturer for various educational programs aimed at professionals with diverse backgrounds. In her modules she helps them combine sustainability ambitions with a healthy business case. 


Among other things, Anke van Hal is an active member of Herenboeren Loenen, a cooperative sustainable farm, part of the Stichting Herenboeren Nederland that aims to promote local food production.