Dr. Ingrid Koning

Associate Professor
Ingrid Koning1
  • International and European Law
  • Transport and Logistics Law
  • Air Transport Law
  • Commercial Law
‘Everything you want, is on the other side of fear’

Ingrid Koning specializes in commercial (private) law. In her teaching she deals with questions like: How do businesses or organizations operate in a (international) legal order? How can entrepreneurial risks best be covered or warded off, and which legal entity is most suited as a vehicle for a certain business?

In her research she focusses on transport and logistics in general and aviation and she has a fondness sustainability issues. In her current research Ingrid examines how law can contribute to making transport and logistic chains more sustainable.

Ingrid obtained het Phd at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a thesis on the liability of the carrier of goods by air. At Erasmus University and Utrecht University she taught law courses across the board of commercial law: international sales, corporate law, transport law and insolvency law.  At Utrecht University she still teaches commercial law and maritime casualties.

Secondary positions

Ingrid is also a deputy judge at the Court of Rotterdam. She is a member of the board of the Dutch Transport Law Association, and editor for several law journals and reference books. She is also a member of the Klimaattafel Mobiliteit of the Dutch Society of corporate lawyers. 


Ingrid’s favorite past times are sports and listening to music. 

Most relevant publications

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  • Vlucht EC 261/2004 van Brussel naar de VS. Europese passagiersverordeningen in Amerikaanse rechtbanken, te verschijnen in Tijdschrift voor Vervoer en Recht 2016/4.
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