Edgar Karssing is associate professor at the European Institute for Business Ethics, where he has been working since 1995. He is responsible for the training programs of EIBE (moral competence, management of integrity) and he advises organizations about the management of integrity, including the development of a code of conduct. 
As a researcher he participates in several projects. His research activities focus on integrity and integrity management ('what works and what doesn't') related to the private as well as the public sector. He is also chairman of the Exam Committee of Nyenrode Business Universiteit.
Edgar has published widely on integrity, management of integrity, moral competence and philosophy in practice. He regularly features in the Dutch magazine ‘Tijdschrift voor compliance’. He was the winner of the National Compliance Award 2010 (www.complianceaward.nl) and he was elected Professor of the year by the students of the Public Sector MBA Group 2009-2010.
He received his Masters degree from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in both Economics and Philosophy. He participated in education (business ethics) and research (quality of life) at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and in education (business ethics and philosophy of management) at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. He has completed a PhD thesis on integrity in theory and practice.