The world is changing rapidly in the economic, social, technological and political fields. And our students come to work in this new world. They must therefore know what is going on in the fast-growing countries in transitions. These new economic superpowers are changing the international playing field and the challenge is to show the students this so that they are ready for the new world in terms of content and mentality. Of course, China plays a dominant role in this. At the same time, we don't know much about China and the performances we have are often stereotyped images that are outdated.

Studied international economics at the University of Groningen. Graduated cum laude in 1987. Ebbers started his PhD in 1991 at Nyenrode and in 1996 at Nyenrode. Professor at Nyenrode since 2004.
Over the years had various functions: chairman examen committee, chairman curriculum committee, director public governance MBA, joint director IMBA-EMBA, founder and chairman of Nyenrode China Institute.

Several times selected as best professor in the MSc programs.

He is recognized as one of the leading thinkers in the field of EU-China economic relations. 

He is guest professor at various international universities, including some top universities in China. He was 10 years visiting professor at China-Europe International Business School in Shanghai and is still active as visiting professor at Renmin university in Beijing.

Research on China; in particular the relationship between China and the EU. Most of the research is on China’s international relationships; Beijing trade, investments and governance.

Prof. Ebbers published several articles in high profile journals. The article “Completion of Chinese overseas acquisitions: Institutional perspectives and evidence (2011) in International Business Review, 20(2): 226–238”, together with J.Zhang and J. Zhou was listed as one of 30 most influential articles about Chinese multinational enterprises, according to a 2018 review.

His latest book on China was published in 2019: “Unravelling Modern China” (World Scientific Publishing). The book provides a comprehensive view of the many transitions that are happing in the Chinese economy today.

Secondairy positions

  • Advisory board Shimano Europe BV
  • Advisory board Guanxi- NL

International activities

  • Visiting professor Renmin University in Beijing
  • Visiting professor at SP Jain school of Global Management