Prof. dr. Jaap Schaveling (emeritus)

Jaap Schaveling
  • Cooperation & Leadership
  • System Thinking
  • Trauma in Organizations
  • Cooperation & Leadership
  • Personal Mastery
  • Psychology of Cooperation and Leadership

Leadership is being curious about and recognizing the moment when I can add value to the system with a view to a sustainable society and planet and having the courage and competence to utilize that moment.

Prof. dr. Jaap Schaveling is Professor of Cooperation & Leadership at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership.

The following quotes from participants illustrate his contributions:

  • "A turnaround and a very valuable experience and journey in my life."
  • "I've come to understand that I need to put my feelings to work more, and in doing so I've been given an extra tool as a manager that helps me deal with growing complexity"
  • "I'm more effective by understanding my underlying patterns and behavior. System thinking helps to identify and understand problems early on in order to tackle them at an early stage.

Since 1981, Schaveling has been working as a scientist, lecturer, organization coach and manager. He worked at the University of Groningen, the National Police (Rijkspolitie), the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (de Bond van Nederlandse Architecten - BNA), the Thorbecke Academy - Academy for Government Management (Thorbecke Academie - Academie voor Overheidsmanagement) and the Zwolle Occupational Health and Safety Union (ArboUnie-Zwiolle). 

Schaveling has been working at Nyenrode Business University since 1997. Executives and people with (a lot of) work experience are his target audience. Schavelings mission is to stimulate people, teams and organizations to further develop their added value for society as self-organizing, learning systems. He stimulates personal mastery and professionalism, being simple, vigilant, social and helpful in life in order to contribute to a sustainable society that is workable for all persons involved. 


Stewardship of the small estate where Schaveling and his wife are allowed to live in Joppe. A place that does not belong to them, but is available to them and to other invitees.

Most relevant publications

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