Jaap van Muijen (1960) is professor of psychology, especially leadership development and personal development at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. He is also a former head of faculty at Nyenrode.
His research interests include leadership, organizational culture, psychological contract, commitment and competency management.
As a (co-) author he has published books and articles on these topics in various journals, including International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Journal of European Work and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Leadership Studies and International Human Resource Management.
For several national and international organizations he implemented the master class 'leadership in context', a leadership program for executives.
Other positions
Jaap van Muijen is owner of Sense of Leadership and associate partner at the Galan group. He has held several positions at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He visited the University of Maryland for six months and was a member of the teaching staff of an HRM program at Hangzhou, later Zhejiang University within Netherlands-China Scientific Cooperation Program. He participated in a Tempus sponsored training program for Russian students of Economics at the University of Syktyvkar. He worked as consultant and (associate) partner at different consultancy firms, like Beteor, LTP and Jonathan Warner. At LTP he has been also a member of the Board of Directors for8 years.  He was also the Dean  of Sioo  (inter-university center for organization studies and change management)
As a board room consultant he advises and supports top management of several international and national companies including, financial institutions, consumer electronics companies, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural organizations, law firms, logistics firms, health care institutions and government.