Prof. dr. Jack van der Veen

Jack van der Veen
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations & Logistics Management
  • Business Processes & Technology
  • Chain Collaboration

In the rapidly changing world, a new management paradigm focused on collaboration for customer value generating processes is needed.

Prof. dr. Jack van der Veen is professor at Nyenrode Business University and holds the evofenedex chair in Supply Chain Management. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for  Marketing & Supply Chain Management.

In 1986, van der Veen completed his studies in Econometrics (cum laude) and obtained in 1992 his PhD in Economic Sciences at the university of Groningen. In 1990 Jack came to Nyenrode and has worked in various roles (including Associate Dean Degree Programs) with a short break between 2009-2012 when he worked at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, he is, among other things, chairman of the examination committee.

Van der Veen's research interests are in Operations Research, Operations & Logistics Management, Lean and Supply Chain Management. His work focuses on implementation issues in chain cooperation (and in particular logistics chains, construction chains and care chains). He is interested in how cooperation in the internal and external chains can be stimulated and how the underlying problems can be eliminated. This is a multidisciplinary study in which collaboration between disciplines is very important; Nyenrode is a great environment for research with its inspiring and committed colleagues.

Van der Veen is interested in how cooperation in the internal and external chains can be stimulated and the underlying problems removed. This is multi-disciplinary research in which cooperation between fields is very important; Nyenrode and its inspiring and involved colleagues create a great environment for this. Jack focuses on implementation issues in supply chain management (logistics chains, construction chains and healthcare chains). He lectures in many master's programs, executive programs, seminars and workshops within various institutions, mainly on topics related to Supply Chain Management.

He teaches at Nyenrode and various institutions on a large number of master's programs, executive programs, seminars and workshops, mainly based on Supply Chain Management related topics.

Van der Veen has published many articles, both in international research journals and in management-oriented journals. He also regularly publishes blogs & columns about chain cooperation, sustainability and (social) innovation on various websites. He is also co-initiator of the Supply Chain Excellence Leadership Platform (SCELP).

Secondary positions

  • Self-employed worker without employees at Jackomodo
  • External lecturer at various institutes & companies
  • Guest speaker for numerous meetings


Van der Veen likes to do sports in his spare time (tennis, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc.). 

Most relevant publications

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