When it comes to business mathematics, things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler than that.

Jacques de Swart MBA is professor of applied mathematics. His role is to develop, renew and teach modules related to mathematics, research methods, statistics and data science. He supervises students in various programmes during the writing of their master thesis. He also conducts research in statistical auditing and responsible business.

Jacques studied Mathematics at Utrecht University. He did part of the program at La Sapienza University in Rome. Next, he conducted 6 years of research in the field of computational science at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, leading to a PhD at the University of Amsterdam. He did his MBA at Rotterdam School of Management. He continued his career as software engineer at aimms.com. Then he continued his career at PwC, where he is now a partner in the Consulting practice and responsible for the data analytics group for 4 days per week. The fifth day he spends at Nyenrode.

His personal mission is to disclose the power and beauty of mathematics to society. For leadership this means that he gives business leaders the tools to exploit the big data around them and complement these data with their strategic priorities and risk appetite to make better decisions. For stewardship this means that he empowers auditors to exploit statistical methods to quantify audit risk and to make their audits more efficient and impactful.

Secondary positions

Jacques is chairman of the Statistical Auditing Steering group, which is part of the Limperg Institute. He is also partner at PwC Consulting in the field of data & analytics.


He is addicted to newspapers, having fun with his three kids, and sports (cycling, running, windsurfing, skating).